March MANness – A La Jollan Needs Your Support

March Man-ness Do me a favor. Take a second and click on this link to vote for Andy Baldwin in the Star 94.1 March MANness contest. Here are just a few of many reasons why:

  • He lives in La Jolla
  • He’s a major philanthropist. More on this later, but he started Got Your Back Network which provides assistance to military widows and children.
  • He’s a navy doctor.
  • He’s smart (see above).
  • He’s a triathlete.
  • He’s an advocate for Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign.
  • He blogs.
  • He’s pretty darn good looking.
  • He’s a nice guy.

There are many more reasons why you should vote for Andy. Oh and yes, he was on The Bachelor: An Officer and a Gentleman, in case you didn’t know.

The bracket is above.  As you can see, Andy has made it to the final 8.  He beat out Luke Wilson AND Justin Timberlake to get there.  Keep our La Jollan Andy in the running by voting here!

Photo: Courtesy of Star 94.1

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  1. Louis Eugene Carabini says:

    - 26 08 00 Late comment! I too could not understand why Andy was voted out I didnt see anything unlikeable about him.

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