The Deal With Pilates Reformer Classes (Literally)

Pilates La Jolla Reformer Classes

I actually workout quite a bit. I will always be a boot camp girl who also spins once a week. However, in between these workouts, I’ve been thinking about Pilates or yoga to elongate and deal with my stiff back. I had a hilarious but frank conversation with Jake at Pilates United today that sold me on attending his group reformer class for at least two months, once or twice a week, mixed in with my regular routine. But if it yields what he says, I’ll be a regular.

The Truth: What We Really Want

When we say, “I’m looking for flexibility” or name off any other fitness goals, the truth is that we really want a totally toned behind and abs. Sound about right? Jake is totally aware of this.

He tells me that this is most likely to occur in a Pilates reformer class. I’ll be on my way to bikini beautiful in as little as one class a week, better off two (since I already exercise), in about 6-12 sessions, less if I were to do a private reformer class.

The Difference Between Pilates Mat Classes and Reformer Classes

I took Pilates mat classes and did yoga 3-4 times per week before I was a mother. I am not a flexible person and have a slightly arched spine to boot. Certain exercises are just difficult for me and I was having a hard time in mat classes. I have done private reformer classes but never a group one, so I was curious to know what the difference between group mat and group reformer class really is.

Jake tells me that while mat classes are good, they are typically easier for men and result in a thicker waist. I see this, now that I look back on my mat class exercises. Reformer classes put more emphasis on lengthening an toning your rear (see the machines in the top photo), because they work the entire length of the muscle, creating a long and lean look without the bulk. Group reformer classes are 50 minutes long and limited to 8 people of all fitness levels (though if you have an injury, consult your doctor first).

But I’ve Never Used A Reformer

Don’t worry about it. I procrastinated taking a reformer class for a long time because the machine looked intimidating. It’s not, even in a group class, so please don’t let this prohibit you from trying it. Branching out into something new is good for you. You will feel great after class, I promise. It’s like someone put a magnet on your head, stretched out your spine, and loosened your muscles and joints. Basically, it’s amazing and I’m not sure why I fell off the wagon here.

Not Your Average Pilates at Pilates United

Founders Jake Holmes and Moji Austell named their exclusive version of Pilates the Satori Fitness Method. It’s a combination of traditional Pilates techniques with modern exercise science. “Pilates United takes flexibility seriously, it’s crucial to looking, feeling and performing your best. The Satori Method creates limber, supple muscles while improving musculo-skeletal balance. Tight muscles and tendons throw the body out of it’s optimal alignment which affects your entire system including your metabolic rate. If your body is tight and misaligned, it won’t matter how much you diet and exercise, you will not get the results you desire.”

Jake teaches some of the afternoon classes at the La Jolla location. He’s been at this for over 18 years and he’s funny as all get up. You are sure to be entertained during your 50 minutes.

I forgot to tell him that I eat cake and drink wine.

Giveaway – Join Me?

So, how about joining me at Pilates United? I’ll be at the La Jolla location on either (or both) Tuesday or Thursday at 12:30pm. Pilates United also has a Middletown location just off Pacific Hwy and both locations have more classes than the one I am planning to attend. I’m giving away a voucher for 5 classes that’s valid for both locations! Here’s what you need to do:

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  6. I go to yoga regularly but need specific help for a “weak” left glut ( might as well have pierced my heart with a knife) …. I hear that pilates can better target that area to strengthen the area.

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