Traveling With Kids: JLab Audio JBuddies Headphones

Jlab headphones

One of our most prized travel companions is a pair of kid-safe headphones. On road trips, they prevent the iPad and car stereo from dueling over volume settings and on planes they enable her to watch movies without bothering other passengers. Our well-used pair of kid-safe headphones finally needed to be replaced so we decided to give JLab Audio’s JBuddies a try. La Jolla Girl tested them out during our last trip to Mexico City and was quite pleased. JLab Audio is an Oceanside-based company, too!

Why JBuddies Are Great For Kids

JBuddies are designed for kids ages 2 and up. Features include:

  • A built-in volume limiter, which ensures a safe listening experience, limiting the volume to less than 90dB.
  • Compatibility with all portable devices that feature a standard 3.5 mm jack, including iPad, iPhone, iPod, Kindle Fire, Nexus 7, and Microsoft Surface, among others.
  • Assorted theme stickers with each pair that kids can stick on the ear piece.
  • Durable, split resistant plastic construction.
  • Four colors to choose from: purple, pink, blue and black.

JLab Jbuddies Stickers

Why We Like JBuddies

It is rare to receive a pair of headphones from an airline that fits a child’s head. I consider a pair of kid-safe headphones critical for flying with kids, because in this day and age, the only gear that really keeps kids occupied on a plane is digital.

La Jolla Girl loves the color (purple) and the assorted stickers. They enable her to hear the iPad and DVD player above the hum of the engines, which wasn’t always the case with other kid-safe headphones we purchased. She can also adjust the fit and volume on her own. They fit in her purse or backpack just fine and travel with us everywhere now.

Win A Pair Of JBuddies In The Color Of Your  Choice

Traveling over Christmas? How about a pair of JBuddies for the kid in your life. Buy JBuddies on Amazon for just $24.95, on sale right now or enter to win a pair. Having JBuddies in two colors can’t hurt either.

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*Thanks to JLab Audio for providing La Jolla Girl with a pair of purple JBuddies to test.

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  1. Hi,
    Since I see you’ve used both, how do the Jlabs and Kidz Gear Headphones compare?

  2. Hey Katie!
    Just ran across this review as I was pondering purchasing them for my girls (5 and 3 yo) for Christmas! Thank you! I needed the info relating to the plane travel. If they can’t be heard above plane engines, even if they are volume controlled, then they probably aren’t going to be great for the car either.
    AND? Happy they are based just up the street from me!

  3. Julie Ghrist says:

    When we make the 5 hour trip to grandma and grandpas house these would be used with the DVD player

  4. they would be perfect for our lo for the trip home for the holidays.. she can listen to her dvd while we listen to thr radio@

  5. My granddaughter would watch cartoons and listen to music in the car.

  6. My son would do great with the headphones.

  7. Ordered 2 pairs, but could always use a free one.

  8. Debbie Terry says:

    My 3 year old granddaughter is a frequent flyer. She needs a new pair of headphones. They also help with air pressure changes.

  9. These headphones look durable and stylish. I love the options of customization and vibrant color choices. My kids will rock these while grooving to their ipod or tablet!!

  10. beth shepherd says:

    This would be wonderful for my daughter to use with her ipod. thank you

  11. Sleepyheadedmom says:

    My son would most likely use them in the car with my ipad or the Leap Pad that Santa is bringing him for Christmas.

  12. We just traveled across the country for Thanksgiving with 3 kids – these would have come in handy – we just had regular headphones which did not work well on the plane!

  13. Monique Rizzo says:
  14. I would give the JBuddies Headphones to my daughter to use with her DVD player in the car. She often has the audio turned up so high that we can hear it in the front of the car.

  15. My little girl would use this with the Ipad and Ipod!

  16. Love these & anything that helps keep the little one entertained on a plane.

  17. Jonathan Asch says:

    I was just thinking about getting a pair of these for my little buddy!

  18. With the iPad on long plane flights

  19. Lalita Malone says:

    My 5 year old girl can use these with her Leap Pad in the car or on a plane and she wouldn’t disturb anyone.

  20. This would be great to listen to her ipad while traveling in the car or plane.

  21. Anything to keep the little one quiet on the plane!

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