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Wines To Consider At The BevMo 5 Cent Sale

BevMo 5 cent sale La Jolla

I had the opportunity to meet Joshua, the wine expert at BevMo La Jolla. We wandered around the store and pulled bottles that he thought I’d like to try based on the fact that we like bolder wines like Zinfandel, often serve Sauvignon Blanc and I like oaked Chardonnays. We wound up with the bottles above and I must say I give them a thumb’s up at the sale price.

How The BevMo 5 Cent Sale Works

In case you aren’t familiar, during the 5 Cent Sale if you purchase select bottles of wine at full price, you get a second of the same bottle for 5 cents. Basically, that means select wines are 50% off. It’s a good deal. I know there is suspicion out there that perhaps in order to fund the 5 Cent Sale, prices year-round might be a tiny bit inflated, but Joshua assured me that’s not the case.

The current 5 Cent Sale is on through April 1. It’s already been running for weeks and this will be their longest yet. The 5 Cent Sale happens three times per year and is an excellent opportunity to stock up on the cheap.

BevMo 5 Cent Sale Wine Recommendations

The price quoted is the full price that you would pay for the first bottle. Remember, the second is 5 cents!

Francis Coppola Director’s Chard, $19.99

It’s not quite as oaked as I normally like, but there are hints of butter and vanilla along with crisp apple. It meets well in the middle.

Gen 5 Old Vine Zinfandel 2011, $14.99

I’ve written about Gen 5 before and it’s been a very reliable Zinfandel over the last few years. Full of berries and a nice finish. Excellent value during this sale! I ordered a case.

Laurelwood Cabernet Sauvignon 2009, $19.99

This earthy wine was pretty good right after opening the bottle which means it’s a good choice if you’re having a party and need to cycle through multiple bottles. It didn’t hold up as well as the Gen 5 did the day after opening.

Vigilance Sauvignon Blanc 2011, $14.99

Sauvignon Blanc is popular in our family. I tasted hints of grapefruit and grass–this one is very easy to drink as it’s not too tart.

Try Before You Buy

During the 5 Cent Sale, visit BevMo La Jolla on Saturdays between 1:00-4:00pmĀ  to taste several wines (there looked to be 6 out when I was there) for $.05. Outside the sale, these tastings are $2.00 but it’s a great way to try before you buy. Beer tastings happen on Friday afternoons. Check other stores for dates and times.

Order Online

Remember that you can order your BevMo wines online for in-store pick-up. Just walk up to the kiosk with your credit card and ID and they’ll help you to your car.

Have a great weekend!

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