Catering By San Diego’s Whole Foods Markets Is Now Available Via Delivery

I know the holidays have passed but I just stumbled upon this information that I may need to take advantage of for the Super Bowl. Whole Foods Market La Jolla has a catering service that we frequently use. The “problem” is that we live on Mount Soledad and Whole Foods Market is located near UCSD, making it at least a 30 minute drive round-trip, not to mention any potential wait once inside the store.

Why Whole Foods Market Catering?

As I’ve mentioned before, we are loyal users of the Whole Foods Market La Jolla catering department. I place an order online and pay in-store. Give them 48 hours notice, but I admit that I’ve skated by with less than that sometimes by calling. I drive over, walk up to the sandwich area, give them my name, pay at the register and go home. I’ve never had much of a wait inside the store.

All platters and entrees feature free range, antibiotic-free and 100% vegetarian fed meats with no animal by-products. Food is free of artificial flavors and colors, artificial sweeteners and synthetic preservatives while grains and grain products have not been bleached or bromated. Bottom line: It’s a high quality order that my guests devour.

What Do We Order?

We’re big fans of the party trays like the bruschetta platter above. It’s just $16.99 and feeds 8-10 people or more, depending on what else is on the table. We’ve ordered sandwich platters, wings, and cheese platters. The Mediterranean platter with dolmas and cheese is always a huge hit.

How Delivery Works

Order through Expressly Gourmet. They have the entire catering menu available for delivery, including breakfast. A number of other local restaurants are available for delivery, as well. We haven’t used Expressly Gourmet yet, but I’m thinking this might be a viable option for the Super Bowl and more. Have you? I’d love to know!

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