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16 Health Conditions Helped By Drinking Lemon Water

Readers report real-life experience with drinking lemon water

One of my most popular (and plagiarized) posts is about health benefits of warm lemon water in the morning. The post discusses why you should drink lemon water but as it grew in popularity, people started leaving hundreds of helpful comments about regarding how lemon water has actually improved their quality of life by helping to heal certain health conditions.

The discussion in the comment sections is now almost 500 deep and covers lemon water, but also everything from skin care recommendations to diet soda risks and more. It’s incredibly interesting if you have the time to read through it, but I’ve pulled out the most interesting points to mention here with the comment numbers, in case you want to look. These are first-hand accounts that I hope are helpful to you.

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Interesting Lemon Water Health Benefits

1. Helps Heal Acne

Rub the juiced lemons on your face to cure acne, though it took one reader a few weeks to notice the difference. Others report that just adding lemon water into their diet has helped drastically clear their skin. Comment 268, 293, 298, 367

2. Appetite Suppression and Weight Loss

Some readers believe that drinking lemon water has suppressed their appetites enough to result in moderate weight loss. The vitamins and enzymes help regulate blood sugar in order to maintain normal weight levels. Comments 15, 17, 34, 88, 165

3. Flushes Out Kidney Stones

A variety of people have reported flushing out troublesome kidney stones that have been bothering them for year. Comments 20, 46, 218, 230

4. Drink Lemon Water, Then Re-Purpose Rinds…On Your Skin

Some rub the rinds on their face and claim it acts like a natural face lift and eliminates scars, stretch marks, dark spots under eyes, enlarged pores and more. I have been afraid to try this, please share if you do. Comments 22, 199, 233, 386, 489

5. Gall Bladder Pain

Drinking lemon water while eating has helped some deal with painful gall bladder stones. Comments 30, 31

6. Cold and Flu Remedy

We know lemon water has antioxidants, however, one reader uses this mixture of a full lemon and a spoonful of manuka honey to ward off minor illness when he feels it coming on. Comment 33

7. GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease)

One reader used to go through TUMS like candy and since drinking lemon water, two weeks later, she hasn’t needed them. Comment 76

8. Harder Finger Nails

Several people mention they feel lemon water has increased the hardness of nails and cleared up white spots seen on them. Comment 84

9. Fights Off Food-Borne Illnesses

This might be handy while traveling. Drink lemon water to avoid food poisoning. Comment 111

10. Helps Fight Back Spasm Pain

One reader started juicing lemons, including the rind, and claims that it helps manage her back pain. She doesn’t say how many she juices per day, but it is a lot. Definitely, ask your doctor about this one. However, another reader suffered a compressed vertebrae and the doctors were surprised that she was in less pain than is normal–she credits drinking lemon water. Comments 122, 124, 487

11. Helps Deal With Fibromyalgia

A combination of lemon water and yoga stretches helps a reader deal with exhaustion due to fibromyalgia. Comments 125, 422

12. Keratosis Pilaris

Keratosis Pilaris is a condition where one might experience red bumps on the back of the arm. One reader was advised to drink lemon water along with oil-pulling, dry brushing and a raw, vegan diet to help combat this. Comment 143

13. Relieves Sore Muscles After Exercise

Have a hard workout? Squeeze a lemon into a glass of water and feel the pain ease. Comment 291

14. Reduces Joint Swelling And Pain

One reader reports that adding lemon water into his routine allows him greater mobility due to the reduction of swelling in his ankles and knees while another feels good enough to go jogging. Comment 321, 322, 462, 485

15. Reduces Alcohol Cravings

Whether you’re in recovery or just cutting back, one reader reports success by drinking lemon water at parties to help kick a craving for alcohol. Comment 411

16. Helps With Colitis

Colitis is an imbalance of acid/alkaline levels in the body so it’s no wonder that lemons can help with this. One reader juices one entire lemon into water first thing in the morning and is experiencing normal digestion, finally. Comment 429

General Lemon Water Tips

1. Do not make it in advance because the beneficial enzymes will disappear with time. Comments 44, 52

2. Need a time-saver? Cut up lemons and freeze them for future use. Comment 54, 448

3. Don’t brush your teeth immediately after drinking lemon water. The reason is because the acid is still sitting on the enamel of your teeth. Rinse it off, if you have to brush. Readers cite a Dr. Oz show. Comments 100, 101, 127

4. After adding lemon water into a daily routine, bumps may appear on your skin which may be your body detoxifying. Comments 334, 335

Have  look at the original lemon water thread. Remember, this is the feedback of readers–always check with your health provider. If you’d like to leave a comment, doing so on the original post would help me track new tips, but here is OK, too!

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  • Rose Ladd - December 7, 2014

    Lemons are a wonderful way to feel the sun shining even in the darkest month of the year. This is great advice! Thank you for the tips on using lemon and drinking lemon water first thing in the morning.

  • Joann Woolley - December 8, 2013

    As if the other things you listed weren’t enough reason to start this new healthy habit haha! I’m starting tomorrow – and I’m excited to get a jump start on my new years resolution as they pertain to health!

  • skin care - August 7, 2013

    Yes! Finally someone writes about acne diet.

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