A list of favorite recipes including recipes for cooking with kids.
Sour cream coffee cake in bundt form, a King Arthur Flour mix.

This warm superfood salad recipe from the ALDI Kitchen has Brussels sprouts, kale, apples, grapes, honey goat cheese and killer homemade dressing.

A finished Greek yogurt parfait with fresh fruit and goodnessknows squares.

No granola? No problem. Just toss a bar like goodnessknows in your morning yogurt parfait. It’s easier.

Spiced figs with vanilla ice cream and hazelnuts... a perfect late summer and fall dessert recipe.

Spiced figs with vanilla ice cream and hazelnuts… a perfect late summer/fall dessert recipe that takes only 10 minutes to make!

Learn the basics of plank grilling, a shockingly easy way to barbecue anything from salmon to brie.

Learn the basics of plank grilling on the barbecue along with easy recipes for salmon, brie (!!!) and vegetables.

Easy Turkey Burger with Feta and Cucumber Ranch recipe

This easy turkey burger recipe can be made in less than 30 minutes. The feta and cucumber ranch add a little extra tasty flair!

This is how you make easy linguine and clams in under 30 minutes.

This is how you make a delicious, easy linguine with clams recipe in under 30 minutes using dry or fresh pasta and other simple ingredients.

Easy kids lunch sandwiches with naan

Make silly sandwiches and a kids bento lunch they’ll love using naan. Here are the recipes.

A tasty and hearty recipe for BBQ pork loaded fries using a slow cooker (and lots of yummy cheese).

This BBQ pork loaded fries recipe is perfect for game day and parties where you need a hearty, comfort food style appetizer.

This recipe for blue cheese and onion sliders using beef made in a slow cooker is totally amazing. So simple and tasty!

Try this easy slider recipe on game day with slow cooker beef, blue cheese, onions, pickle and Hawaiian rolls. No barbecue is necessary.

A three-ingredient slow cooker recipe for Hawaiian meatballs that is perfect for game day.

Need an easy appetizer recipe for game day? Try this three-ingredient slow cooker Hawaiian meatball recipe.

This pulled pork slider recipe involves very few ingredients and a crockpot. It's an easy football recipe!

I’m all about easy appetizers to serve during football season. This slow cooker pulled pork slider recipe takes just minutes of prep.

A recipe for a tropical ice cream sandwich using toasted coconut, Breyers ice cream and pineapple

This tropical ice cream sandwich recipe has only three ingredients: Breyers ice cream, pineapple and toasted coconut and was created by Chef Antonia Lofaso.