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Eco-Friendly Fresh Wave Additive Helps Front Loading Washers and Solves Pet Odors (Giveaway)

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You all have heard my grumblings about the mold in my front loading LG washer. The people at Fresh Wave heard too. They sent me a bottle of Odor Neutralizing Fresh Wave Multi Purpose Additive to see if it might help. I know that others are having similar problems based on the response that post still receives.

I was expecting Fresh Wave to just be a laundry additive, but it actually is multi-purpose. You can use it in a carpet cleaner, humidifier, for kid and pet accidents and basically anything else you can think of that might need an odor neutralizer.  Some people report great success with masking kitty litter box odors.

How it works:  Utilizing extracts of lime, pine needle, aniseed, clove and cedar wood, the Fresh Wave Laundry Additive is biodegradable and non-toxic. The malodor molecules are absorbed and then broken down by the plant extracts – so the odor is completely eliminated (rather than masked with a chemical or fragrance). It smells nice.

Does it work:  I put a cap full in several loads of laundry. If you read my front loading washer post, you know that my washer is almost beyond repair. After using Fresh Wave in several loads of laundry, my washer smells much better. La Jolla Dad just caught me sticking my head in it and sniffing….again…just to make sure. My clothes smell great too. Fresh Wave doesn’t, nor is supposed to, rid the washer of mildew. It just helps with the smell. Even after using Affresh High Efficiency Washer Cleaner
or bleach, sometimes my washer still smells funky even though I’ve attempted to remove every single bit of mold.

I would say that if you use Fresh Wave, don’t forget to wipe down the washer or ease up on mold patrol. You might forget, because there’s less smell there to remind you! We’re getting a dog in the summer, and I would definitely think keeping some of this on hand will be useful then. A 32oz bottle of the Fresh Wave Multi Purpose Additive retails for $15.95. Fresh Wave makes other products pictured below. I laughed when I saw the Stinky Dorm Kit. Based on my college dorm experience, there is definitely a market for that!


The people at Fresh Wave are giving away a bottle of Odor Neutralizing Fresh Wave Multi Purpose Additive to TWO lucky La Jolla Mom readers.

***To enter, leave a comment telling me how you’d use this product or any other Fresh Wave products.***

You may view the other products at Once you make your initial entry, you qualify for bonus entries. Leave a separate comment for each bonus entry:

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The TWO winners will be chosen by after 8pm PST on Monday, March 15. The more entries you have, the higher your chances of winning. Thanks to Fresh Wave for making this giveaway possible!


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