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What to do in Your Garden in January

It is hard to believe it’s January here in La Jolla/San Diego, where it’s 70 degrees outside.  In weather like this, there is plenty you can do outside, however, I typically lack motivation this time of year.  Here is a list of basic tasks you can do anywhere you live:

Take care of your indoor plants:  Dust them off so their pores don’t clog. You can rinse them off in the sink or use a cloth. Check their drainage. If you live in a cold climate, you may want to consider moving your plants away from windows when it’s really cold or closing the blinds to protect them a little bit.

Bulbs:  You can grow Paperwhites or Hyacinths indoors. It’s an easy way to liven up the interior of your home while you’re waiting for spring.

Prepare for spring:  Sharpen your gardening tools or purchase more if you need them. Identify bare spots in your yard and think about what you’d like to plant there. Create a strategy for spring plantings. I usually receive tons of catalogs in the next month or so. You may want to consider taking photos of certain areas and bringing them to the nursery with you or even emailing them to a design specialist there.  I work with Samantha at Barrels and Branches Nursery in Encinitas for difficult spots. You could design your garden so that you never have to buy cut flowers, at least in the spring. Though if you live in colder climates, your spring bulbs might be in the ground already.

Fruits/Vegetables: Plant strawberries, if available. Strawberry plants older than 3 years are past their prime and should be replaced. Keep them away from where peppers, tomatoes, eggplant and potatoes have grown in the last 3 years as they have similar disease problems.

Divide and replant perennials: Agapanthus is very popular in San Diego. Now is the time to divide and reposition them.

Deadhead Violas and Pansies: This will keep them blooming for longer.

Transfer indoor Pointsettias to yard: My neighbor has one in her yard and it’s gorgeous.  Here is some advice from eHow regarding how to do this.

Prune:  Deciduous fruit and nut trees.  I also will be pruning my pygmy and lady palm trees and some over grown herbs in my herb garden.

January is all about prepping for spring.  What do you do in your garden this time of year?  Also, if you read any gardening blogs, please share them here.

  • Lisa @PhenomMamma - January 22, 2011

    thank you so much for all of this advice! we are going to do raised beds this spring. didn’t know that about strawberries.

    • La Jolla Mom - January 22, 2011

      Lisa, I have 3 raised beds and love them. For veggies and herbs. I used a soil mix recommended by and it made a huge difference. Will find and post it, thanks for the reminder. But it’s a mix between top soil (from Home Depot), compost and fertilizer. Poss something else. I’ll look it up.

  • San Diego Momma - January 14, 2011

    What does “divide” mean in relation to plants?

    Please do remember I am a black thumb.

    Also, i love these tips. i never once knew that I should dust my indoor plants to open their pores. But I’m totally into that and going to do it.

    Any thoughts on white flies? I have them attacking an indoor plant and they are insidious.


    • La Jolla Mom - January 15, 2011

      I had white flies on a plant outside. I put a few drops of dishsoap and water in a squirt bottle. That seemed to help but what really worked is this EcoSmart pest spray. It’s herbal, but I’m not sure I would want to use it on an indoor plant because it smells like peppermint and it’s probably not good to breathe it.

      I have divided one agapanthus. I shoved a shovel in the middle where it looks like it was separating and replanted it. We’ll see.

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