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Herman Story Wines – Follow Up and Robert Parker Scoring

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A few days after I published my Herman Story Roussane post, I received an email from Russell From, the Herman Story one man show. He starts the email by hysterically illustrating how nervous (vented by dressing up his dog and running his tractor into hay bails) he gets on the day Robert Parker scoring for his wines is going to be released.  Here’s a clip from the email:

“…First, here’s what he (Robert Parker) said about Herman Story Wine overall: ‘These are full-flavored, balls-to-the-walls, beautifully made, intensely flavored wines that are capable of lasting a decade or more (in the case of their biggest Syrahs).’ ”

Robert Parker said balls. I love that guy.

Okay, here are the scores:

90 points – 2007 Herman Story Wines Tom Boy White Wine
90 points – 2007 Herman Story Wines Viognier White Hawk Vineyard (sold out)
91+ points – 2007 Herman Story Wines Syrah White Hawk Vineyard
92 points – 2007 Herman Story Wines Syrah Nuts And Bolts
93 points – 2007 Herman Story Wines On The Road Grenache
No score, see above – 2007 Herman Story Wines Syrah 239 Days

So I’m pretty happy with these numbers, and I just wanted to share them with you. The full reviews are included at the end of the email.”

Here’s what Robert Parker said about the last wine, 2007 Herman Story Wines Syrah 239 Days, as told by Russell From:

“There was one I submitted – the 239 Days – which didn’t even get a score because Parker didn’t know what to make of it.  He does say ‘there is a lot to like about this interesting wine,’ but he also says he doesn’t ‘understand’ it.  What can I say,  we both have our roles to play: he’s Mr. Wilson nerdily going about his business and I’m Dennis crashing into his house with some crazy stuff for him to look at.  Thanks for not kicking me out, Bob.”

To be honest, this makes me almost want to try this wine more than any of the others!  What on earth could wine that Robert Parker doesn’t “understand” taste like?  Ha.

I faxed in my wine club order. I’d been sidetracked by other projects and had forgotten. I received confirmation from Russell that it was received and that my wines will ship once the weather cools down. Whew! I would have kicked myself if he would have sold out. I belong to a few other lists and one allocation email went into my spam box (Sea Smoke Cellars) so I’m not sure if I’m still on the list or not which is a bummer, because I had moved my way up in status a little bit.  Such is life.

Will report when my wines arrive and get lovingly consumed. Go sign up for Herman Story emails, even if you don’t buy the wine, they are super entertaining – and of course, mention La Jolla Mom sent you.

  • Debbie - June 29, 2010

    I’ve been all around California in search for the best wine….Herman Story is unmatched. White Hawk, On The Road, and Nuts and Bolts are by far the best!!!

  • Mark's Wine Clubs - April 16, 2010

    Any time, very cool blog btw.

    Where else are you going in Paso?

    Some suggestions: Alta Colina, Denner, Terry Hoague. We’re happy to send you some personal emails for wineries we work with regularly if you’re interested in setting up a private tasting or two.

  • Mark's Wine Clubs - April 16, 2010

    Herman Story certainly makes some quality stuff and Russell is an incredibly interesting guy when you get to meet him. Have you tried any of the Barrel 27 stuff, or McPrice Myers? Enjoyed the article as I think Herman Story is one of the great producers in California and is generally, very much underappreciated.

    • La Jolla Mom - April 16, 2010

      We are headed to Paso next month so we’ll go to Barrel 27. I love that Russell is a funny guy and laughed out loud when I opened up our last shipment and there was a big photo of him sleeping in his truck. He was writing about all the travel he does. Thanks for the comment!

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