Holiday Gift Guide: 4 Of The Most Popular Toys Searched On Yahoo!

It is no surprise that since it’s the holiday season, toys was my next Yahoo! Shine Get It Guide assignment. I was sent four of the most popular toys searched on Yahoo! for review. Some are worth the money, but one is definitely not. One I tried and tried to purchase for La Jolla Girl, but gave up after not being able to find it at a reasonable price.

Animal Planet Air Swimmers

Ugh, this is a pain to put together. Everything is a separate piece. La Jolla Dad and I are both college educated people and we literally had to awkwardly wrangle the thing together. He was not pleased and gave the toy an “F minus.” Once assembled, it ran into our ceiling beams and didn’t exactly fly like it does in the commercial.

And, it escaped. We literally woke up one morning and the thing was gone. We have no idea what happened to it. My theory is that it flew out the door, when we left it open for Scooby. We never leave the doors open that wide, so?

Recommendation: Avoid, but if you must it’s on sale on Amazon.

Ghoulia Yelps Monster High Doll

I was not initially sold on this. It’s kind of gross. However, these are not your typical monsters. They each have a story line and are supposed to set good examples for kids. My almost 5-year-old loves this. Our local Target has a huge aisle dedicated to them, where they are much less expensive than Amazon (who must be sold out, because the prices are inflated).

Recommendation: Buy, but if gifting make sure that the parents are cool with the monster thing.

Lego Ninjago Skull Motorbike

I bet little boys just love Lego Ninjago series. It’s a ninja series set in feudal Japan. There are so many little pieces though and depending on which one you loose, you could crater the entire project.

Recommendation: Buy. It’s definitely worth $15.

LeapPad Explorer

Let’s just say that I searched high and low because I thought this would be a great travel companion for La Jolla Girl. I refuse to pay an inflated price for a “nice to have.” However, it sure would be nice to have on our next long haul flight. Some Get It Guru’s complained about the price of the apps.

I was able to watch kids play it in Toys R Us. It’s pretty cool, but I worry that La Jolla Girl might think it’s a poor substitute for my iPad.

Recommendation: Buy, if you can get your hands on it for it’s true price of $99. Right now it’s about $182 on Amazon.

To read a more in depth analysis of each toy, see my post on Yahoo! Shine. You can also read what the other Get It Gurus have to say about each toy too.

I would love to know if your kids have any of these toys. Or, it these toys are on their Christmas list.

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