Tips for pet care, rescuing a dog, caring for a high maintenance dog and more.
Learn what kind of gear and toys work for our rescued (and slightly pampered) pitbull.

Sometimes, rescue dogs need a bit of extra comfort and attention. Here is the big dog gear including collars, toys and clothes that help our pitbull.

Dog on the beach at La Jolla Shores

#KidsNTrips has partnered with DogVacay to chat about travel tips for pet lovers on Twitter and keeping your dog happy when you travel.

things to do with dogs la jolla

Have a mixed breed like I do? Here’s why you might want to DNA test your dog and information about the Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel test.

Minties dental treats for dogs

Win a healthy dog giveaway pack including dental treats, omega-3 supplements and more. Sponsored by VetIQ.

Dog Dental Health Minties

Why spend more than you have to on dog dental treats (sponsored by VetIQ).

Markim Pet Resort Dog Camp

Our dog loves going to camp at Markim Pet Resort once a week.

Eco-friendly Green Pets

From sunscreen to food, here’s how to make pet ownership a little more eco-friendly.

Dog-friendly Blueberry Mini Muffin Recipe

Packed with anti-oxidants this healthy snack is good for dogs and humans (with a dollop of honey for us).

Cleaning a dog bowl

Many pet bowls are dishwasher-safe but does it kill enough pet germs to mix with your own dishes?

Cracked Dog Paw Pad

Because trying to keep a bandage over a dog’s paw is a drag, here’s the deal with cracked paw pads.

Learn tips for rescuing a dog

We rescued a dog. Here are the things that we weren’t prepared for.