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La Jolla Mom - Layer Cake Malbec 2009 | Value Red Wine at $12.95

Layer Cake Malbec – Love it at $12.95

Layer Cake Malbec

Nothing is better than a good wine at a great price. Initially, I received Layer Cake wine media samples in the mail, including this bottle. I opened it for family on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. I’ve had it before so knew people would enjoy it, and they did.

On Wednesday, I drove over to San Diego Wine Company to grab some wine for Thanksgiving Day. They have this Layer Cake Malbec for $12.95. I put a few bottles in my basket, hesitated, put them back, and then asked for a case.

Winemakers Notes: “We allows Layer Cake Malbec to ripen thoroughly on the vine. We tend to harvest four to six weeks after all other neighboring vineyards; a crucial element to the wine’s quality.

Each cluster, once harvested by hand, is then destemmed and sorted – also by hand.

Born at the bast of the Andes and fed by the purest spring waters…I love this wine.”

Tasting Notes:  “A powerhouse of lush black fruit, silky cocoa, black spice and cream, wrapped around blackberry, cherry and ripe plum in the nose.  Sweet anise, hints of tobacco, black chocolate, more cherries and exotic spices, layers of jam follow on the palate.  Pure, rich and very elegant, this wine with stand and perform anytime you think of a cabernet and want something just a little more exotic.”

Seriously, that just about says it all.

Bottom line: Love it. This is a great wine for a crowd.  I believe that Costco has this wine at about the same price.  Call and ask. More Layer Cake wines to talk about next week!


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