Healthy Living

Luxury Travel & Lifestyle blogger Katie Dillon shares healthy living tips.
Learn tips from a dermatologist regarding how to prevent and reverse sun damage.

One of the best Q&As I’ve done yet. Learn from a La Jolla dermatologist how to prevent sun damage and what can be done to reverse it.

The quality of your vitamins matters. See why I switched to Pure Encapsulations.

You might be surprised by the awful ingredients inside some vitamins. Learn why high quality supplements like Pure Encapsulations might be a better choice.

Tips for the best inflight skincare routine on long haul flights using natural products like Skinfix and more.

A healthy in-flight skincare routine can help prevent skin issues and even jet lag. Here’s how to look your best after 35,000 feet.

The Pressed Juicery 3-Day cleanse was one of the easiest detoxes I've done yet. And, it's reasonably-priced.

Feeling out-of-shape and bloated from a summer of travel, I picked up a Pressed Juicery 3-day cleanse and loved it.

Sleep tips: Easy changes you can make to feel better during the day.

These sleep tips are easy changes you can make to feel better during the day ranging from eating and drinking adjustments to monitoring sleep.

How to take care of teeth while traveling

These five tips for maintaining good dental health while traveling will help keep sensitive teeth happy while enjoying a variety of cuisines!

Track sleep with Sleep Number SleepIQ

We track exercise and diet so why not track sleep? The good news is that it’s really easy with nothing to wear, nothing to turn on if you have SleepIQ.

Shop tobacco free for your kids

The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids has resources for shoppers who would like their favorite stores to stop selling tobacco products.

Silk Therapeutics Luxury Skin Care Line

Pure silk luxury skincare has non-toxic ingredients and a number of benefits. Silk Therapeutics is the only line made with real, natural silk and I love it.

Partial thyroidectomy recovery and tips

A review of partial thyroidectomy recovery time. Also an overview of what the surgery and scarring was like.

Tips for traveling with a cold

Fighting a cold while traveling is about alleviating symptoms and managing germs so that others don’t get sick.

Review of the Beaming Lifestyle Cleanse

I tried 4 days of the Beaming Lifestyle Cleanse. Here is my review of what I ate and drank and results experienced after this detox.