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Moms Stay Organized With m Bretts Handbags

mbretts handbags

I had the pleasure of first meeting Melanie Bretts through this website. She, her husband, and 3 kids have recently relocated to sunny La Jolla from Chicago. We chatted about things to do around town La Jolla with kids, schools and mom stuff. Then I found out about her cool m Bretts handbags. Melanie gave me a small size handbag with sections to try.

Melanie had a custom bag with sections made for herself, in order to keep her family organized while traveling. At the time, she was a mom to 2 kids and tired of having a disorganized bag. I travel a lot too and can definitely relate. She tweaked the bag design until it was exactly what she wanted. Then, she decided to make herself a smaller bag for everyday use. After all of this effort, Melanie decided to bring the bags to market so that other moms could stay organized too.

I must admit, I love my diaper bag mainly because it’s from my favorite store in Hong Kong.  However, it’s a right mess typically and on it’s last legs. People complain about me not answering my cell phone because it’s usually at the bottom of my bag. By the time I rummage around to find it, the caller hangs up or is sent to voicemail. Here’s a photo of it.  What you can’t see are all the mushed up Goldfish at the bottom that are threatening the livelihood of my netbook.

I took the same stuff and put it in my small sized m Bretts handbag.  I usually carry diapers, wipes, sippy cup, snacks, gum, wallet, iPhone, extra outfit for La Jolla Girl, lipstick, netbook (sometimes) and other random stuff.  After several days of use, my mBretts bag is still organized, which is odd for me.

I like that there is a long, side pocket to fit documents and my netbook.  I don’t worry about the netbook getting covered in Goldfish. It’s definitely a “no dig” bag, which I’m a fan of, and it fits nicely under your arm. It’s not awkward or bulky like my other diaper bag.  You can’t really tell by this photo, but there is a ton of stuff neatly packed into this bag.  I also like that when you put the bag down, it stands up straight rather than flopping over like some of my other bags.

To top it off, m Bretts bags are reasonably priced at $75 for the small and $85 for the large.  The interior of the  large bag is pictured in the post photo above and is perfect for travel.  Also, if you order your bags online, you’ll receive free shipping. They come in brown and black. A beach bag with sections is coming soon – I think that’s genius.

  • Erika - February 11, 2010

    Those are nice but would really like to see the beach bag when that comes. Will you be featuring it here at all?

  • Simone - February 8, 2010

    That’s a nice way to stay organized.
    .-= Simone´s last blog ..Creative Saturday =-.

  • Danielle - February 8, 2010

    I am jealous. I wish I was this organized!
    .-= Danielle´s last blog ..My -not so much- Favorite Car =-.

  • Tami @Heats Make Families - February 8, 2010

    This looks like a really neat bag. Welcome to the Friday Follow. I’m your newest follower. So glad to have you with us.


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