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The 7 links meme was started by Tripbase, a travel website, as a way to resurface blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again. I was tagged in the same week by my friends at Trekaroo and Travel Mamas so it’s my turn to share.  There are 7 categories of blog posts and since I’m not exclusively a travel blogger, mine cover a range of lifestyle topics.

1. Most Popular:  My First Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment

There must be a ton of people out there who are looking for straighter hair. All of my hair straightening posts have been popular!

2. A Post Whose Success Surprised Me: 10 Reasons Why You Should Drink Lemon Water In The Morning

I wrote this, because I was just curious why this was such a necessity during juice cleansing. I still drink it when I remember and, so far, my teeth are ok. I have been less sick, definitely, since I started this and feel healthier in general.

3. Most Beautiful Post: Turkey Cupcakes for Thanksgiving

This was just a really fun project that I did with La Jolla Girl. The end result was pretty cute and the post was popular. I like the step by step photos. So it’s maybe not the most beautiful post I have, but it’s the one that comes to mind.

4. Post That Didn’t Get Enough Attention: The History Of And How To Make A Singapore Sling

Ok, maybe I’m biased because I love Singapore Slings and have had some awful versions. But, I mean, don’t you all know how the Raffles Hotel makes them? THE Raffles Hotel in Singapore?

5. Post I Am Most Proud Of: Animals Asia Moon Bear Rescue:  Please Read

I had a really hard time explaining how totally moved I was by this entire experience. Since living in Hong Kong, I am fully aware and bothered by Asiatic bears being used for Chinese medicine. This is part of a trip to Chengdu, China that I will never forget. One of these days, I will also tell you about my visit to Wolong Panda reserve prior to the Chengdu earthquake.

6. Most Controversial Post:  When a Vaccinated Child is Exposed to Whooping Cough

I try to stay out of controversy here. Anything related to vaccinations always touches a sore spot somewhere. And, I did write this because I was so aggravated by how we were treated after being exposed to whooping cough. Cold and flu season is around the corner anyway so this information may come in handy.

7. Most Helpful Post: 9 Ways to Deal With Jet Lag

Since this started as a travel meme, I thought I’d add in this gem. I am an ex-expat so jet lag is old hat for my family. People get bad cases of it partially because they aren’t proactive about managing it.

Tag, You’re It

1. Birdrock Fabrications
2. The Little Hen House
3. San Diego Momma
4. My Favorite Everything
5. Romy Raves

Tough to pick just 5, but these gals haven’t been tagged yet according to Tripbase and I think they have some posts worth resurfacing if they choose to play!

*Jet lag photo credit:  Ginn Fizz

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