Easily Organize Travel Memories With Photobucket Stories (And Maybe Win $25,000)

When it comes to truly special trips, I keep everything from ticket stubs to hundreds (ok, in one case thousands) of photos. If I could print every single photo in a book, I probably would, however, that’s not an effective way to go. I just (somewhat skeptically, I admit) tried a Photobucket Story to see if it is a method worth sharing, because right now if you create one too, you could win $25,000.

How To Make A Photobucket Story

1. I downloaded hundreds of photos from our recent trip to Mexico City on to my computer from my DSLR and iPhone. It helped to put them into one folder and the fact that they were disorganized in the folder didn’t make a difference when I uploaded them to my Photobucket library.

2. I watched the quick video demo regarding how to make a Photobucket Story.

3. I uploaded what I perceived to be the most important trip photos–about 45 total.

4. While the photos were uploading, I was able to quickly type in captions describing the moment. Just an FYI, download the desktop photo loader and save yourself time.

5. I organized the photos into a timeline, added a few text captions and was finished in about 30 minutes, mostly because I over-thought which photos to use.
It’s so easy and I’m pleased with the outcome.

Our Photo Story: Mexico City With Kids

Though we have been fortunate enough to (between the three of us) play with pandas, jet into gold mines, swim in the South China Sea, and much more, this trip to Mexico City was one of the best we’ve taken in a long time. It was fun, educational, luxurious and full of nice people. Now, I can quickly share the highlights with friends and relatives who will get the gist by taking just a few minutes to easily scroll through this story. Click on it to see what I mean.

Enter Photobucket’s Life Is An Adventure Contest

Life is an adventure. Photobucket is celebrating this with a huge contest. Try a Photobucket Story for a chance to win:

  • $25,000 grand prize
  • $500 for five runner-ups

Yes, I just typed $25,000.  It doesn’t matter if your story is simple or grand, just submit it for a chance to win big. Use photos from a trip, a recent holiday, school event, around the house and more. The contest ends on 12/09/2012 so you’d better get going!

How do you organize your photos?

*Thanks to Photobucket for sponsoring this post.

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