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Must Have Skincare Products For After Long Airplane Flights

Beauty products that help with jet lag and skin after long haul flights

Since I’ve been writing about jet lag and flying long haul with kids, I thought I’d share skincare products that help my skin get back to normal after being in the dry airplane cabin air. It used to be that my face would peel and feel gross for a few days to a week after a long haul flight, but I’ve since learned how to do damage control.

Guerlain Issima Midnight Secret

I used to have a Guerlain lady at Saks at Fashion Valley Mall (the store is now closed) that would hook me up with tons of samples. She told me to use Guerlain Issima Midnight Secret the night after I fly. She also recommends using it after a late night out or if you happen to consume a few to many glasses of wine. It works in all of these circumstances. I don’t have the same dryness afterward, my pores look smaller and my skin just looks fresh and hydrated again.

They do make sample sizes but I hear they are highly coveted. It never hurts to ask for a sample if you pass by a Guerlain counter! Don’t skimp when you put it on though, especially after a flight. I use it for a at least two days after a flight. There is something about this product that just plain works and this is coming from someone who has used practically every high-end moisturizer on the market.

Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask

The other product I love is Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask. Your skin will be transformed in a few minutes.  I had the priviledge of  living within short walking distance to Bliss Spa on Sloane Avenue in London where I had the triple oxygen facial there multiple times. To jog my memory, as it’s been over 5 years since we left London, I looked at the spa menu and gagged at the price tag.  I remember at the time thinking it was worth every penny. I’m positive it was, but you can now have a similar result at home for a fraction of the cost.

I didn’t know that they bottled this “bliss” until my sister-in-law showed it to me recently. The entire bridal party used it before her fabulous wedding and everyone raved about it.  It’s perfect if you have to get off the plane, immediately go somewhere, and just need a quick freshen up beforehand.  Wash your face, apply the foam and leave it on until it evaporates which takes about 5 minutes.  It feels really cool while it’s working. The end result is tighter skin, more even color and smaller pores. Find it at or wherever Bliss is sold.

After a long haul flight, even if you use this, you’ll still need a moisturizer to counteract the dryness.

Pack A Good Exfoliant

Right now, I’m using a soy exfoliant by Fresh that Cecil at VENeffect recommended that I try. It makes all the difference in the world when I remember to pack it. I used to consider exfoliant extra baggage but now I see the difference when I don’t use one after a flight. Pack an exfoliant that’s right for your skin.

Drink TONS Of Water In-Flight

Though I fully encourage free-flowing wine while flying, do remember that your skin (and head) will thank you later should you remember to hydrate in between sips. I know you know this already, but I’m here to remind you.

Go To The Spa

If you’re planning a trip to the spa at your destination, the day after landing (trust me) is a perfect way to recharge your skin and soul. Recently, I booked a facial at the spa the morning after landing in Toronto and it made all the difference in the world.

What works for you?  Leave a comment and let us know!

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