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La Jolla Mom - Sneak Preview Of The New LEGOLAND Hotel - Your Kids Will Love This

Sneak Preview Of The New LEGOLAND Hotel – Your Kids Will Love This

LEGOLAND Hotel Pirate Big Bed

Regardless of whether you’re a San Diego resident or traveling from afar, you may want to consider staying in LEGOLAND’s brand new LEGO-themed hotel. We definitely will. If you show your kids these photos, they may just nag you to make a reservation stat. Rest assured, you have a while as this 250 room hotel isn’t available for booking just yet.

Obviously, the decor will have plenty of LEGOs incorporated into it as well as a pool, buffet, and event space. Have a look.

LEGOLAND Hotel Carlsbad

LEGOLAND Hotel Pirate Bunk Beds

Ok, I admit this picture is a bit funny.

It’s the first hotel of it’s kind in North America and we’re lucky to have it in our backyard!

  • Birdrockfab - April 25, 2012

    Can’t wait to staycation there and share with friends visiting

  • SD Deals and Steals Kate - April 17, 2012

    OH MY GOODNESS! My son is going to die when he sees this!! I can’t wait to go!

  • Ginger - April 17, 2012

    Oh yeah. My boys will flip. Glad it’s in SD!

    Thanks for sharing!

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