Eco-Friendly Home

Recycle Old Crayons Kids Crafts

Watch Martha Stewart melt perfect crayons in this short video. We tried it too–it works.

Filtrete Air Filter

The answer is more than you think, but less if you don’t use AC/heating much. Discussion sponsored by Filtrete.

Eco-friendly Green Pets

From sunscreen to food, here’s how to make pet ownership a little more eco-friendly.

Bathroom Remodel

The amount of waste involved in any home remodel is difficult to handle. Most winds up in a landfill.


iGo has solutions for travelers and people that want to save electricity. I tried the iGo Charge Anywhere and iGo Power Smart Tower.

WaterSense Fixtures

WaterSense fixtures reduce the amount of water used without sacrificing quality. Here are a few contemporary bathroom faucets.

baking soda for household cleaning

Baking soda helped us clean sunscreen grease marks off of our wood cabinets. Here’s what else it can do.

CFL Lightbulb disposal information san diego

You can’t throw CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulbs in the regular trash so here’s where you can go in San Diego to dispose of them.