Your kids can make this easy and healthy Halloween snack in the shape of a jack-o-lantern.

Kids can make this easy recipe for a healthy Halloween snack. The jack-o-lantern’s size can be modified depending on how many you need to serve.

A very easy and healthy kids recipe for Halloween and beyond... spider cracker snacks.

A kids recipe for healthy Halloween spider cracker snacks that they can assemble themselves.

legoland brick or treat san diego

This list has lots of things to do in San Diego during this ghoulish season.

Desserts to make with Halloween Candy from Pinterest

Awesome desserts to make with all of that leftover Halloween candy, thanks to Pinterest.

Donut Spider Pops - All you need is a mini crumb donut, pretzels, eyeballs and a popsicle stick for an easy Halloween dessert

To make donut spider pops all you need are mini crumb donuts, pretzel sticks, lollipop sticks and eyeballs.

Kids Recipe: Easy Spider Oreos They Can Make Themselves For Halloween Or Any Day!

Hand your kids the ingredients and let them assemble, because spider oreos are very EASY to make.


AT&T has compiled a list of safety tips for San Diego families to keep in mind before kids hit the streets to trick-or-treat on Halloween.

Orangutan Friendly Sustainable Palm Oil Candy

A quick run-down on the risks of palm oil and a list of orangutan-safe candy.

halloween candy with wine

Because you will raid your kid’s stash of Halloween candy, you might as well think about which bottle of wine to open while you’re eating it.

Halloween Snacks

A little healthy fruit roll up and cookie cutters can jazz up an otherwise boring snack.

pillage the Village

Not only is it fun for the kids, it’s a fabulous way to step inside stores you don’t normally go in.