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Try Before You Buy At (Valentine’s Day Wine Deal)

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My Plum District email arrived this morning with a deal from a website I hadn’t heard of yet, but think is an interesting concept. Tasting Room allows customers to sample wines in 50ml bottles before buying a full bottle or even a case.

They have packaged these bottles into themes such as “Six Sensational Zinfandels From The Golden State” or single winery packs such as “A Taste of Laetetia.” There’s even celebrity packs such as “Gary Vaynerchuk California Reds.”

The Plum District deal is just $23 for the “Wines For Lovers” wine pack, including tax and standard shipping. Normal price to get this pack on your doorstep is $43. The wines are from a Mendocino winery called Il Cuore Wine Sellers. “Il Cuore” means “the heart” in Italian. This pack includes six 50ml bottles of wine including a Chardonnay, Zinfandel and Barbera for you and your loved one to taste together.

This set (as do other Tasting Room sets) will come with a taste card that walks you through each wine. If you’re looking for a fun Valentine’s Day activity, this would be a great addition to a nice dinner at home.

There are a few other coupons in the sidebar of including a $10 off when you sign up for their emails and $20 credit for referring a friend.

Have a look at the deal. Happy Wine Wednesday!

*Photo credit:  Plum District

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