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Super Bowl Party Food

A huge bummer about living overseas was watching the Super Bowl on Monday morning when most people were supposed to be at work. And, for those who played hookey, drinking Budweiser (when you live in another country, on these occasions you go as American as you can) at 8am just is physically difficult.

This is our third Super Bowl in the USA, and my husband treats it like a national holiday. I suppose it is, in a way. My big focus is Super Bowl party food. Thank goodness for Pinterest. In addition to a gourmet hot dog bar (if it goes down well, you’ll hear about it), I’m making (or would like to make):

Hot Pizza Dip

I mean it looks like pizza on chips, right?

Source: via La Jolla Mom on Pinterest

Cheese Bread Pulls

I am intrigued by this:

Source: via La Jolla Mom on Pinterest

Or, perhaps this:

Source: via La Jolla Mom on Pinterest

Jalapeno Popper Dip

Make sure the kids don’t get their hands on this one.

Source: via La Jolla Mom on Pinterest

If I was motivated, I’d also make

Mini cheese corn dogs:

Source: via La Jolla Mom on Pinterest

And, get ready, BUFFALO CHICKEN WING CUPCAKES!!! Just for the novelty of it, of course.

Source: via La Jolla Mom on Pinterest

Don’t forget there are a handful of Super Bowl-friendly recipes on La Jolla Mom:

Bacon Brownies (topped with caramel sauce)
The Best 7 Layer Dip (I really need to take better photos of this gem)
Rice Krispie Treat Footballs
BevMo! Super Bowl cocktail recipes (enter the giveaway here for a BevMo! gift card)

Have a safe weekend and enjoy! All of the recipes and MORE are on my Super Bowl Pinterest board.

Photo credit: istockphoto/sdstockphoto

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