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Share Why #AccuracyMatters with #LJMom to Win

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In life, accuracy matters. But, we’re human and it doesn’t always happen. I can ramble off incidents ranging from flubbing airline ticket purchase dates to the crazy amount red tape involved in buying a home in the United States while resident in another country.

I found my home via, sponsor of this post, while scouring San Diego listings in our price range from overseas in Hong Kong. What I saw online was what we got, in the end. I hated wasting time on listings that didn’t work for us or were outdated. They have a cheeky campaign going on right now that is centered around the importance of accuracy.

When #AccuracyMatters

Accuracy matters, but sometimes it’s funny when things don’t go as planned (with the exception of home buying, of course).

  1. Like the time I walked out the door wearing the same style of shoes in different colors (above). I was in a hurry, of course.
  2. And, last night as I was thinking about this post, my daughter up-ended the way too much parmesan cheese on to her lasagne. Because my gasp scared her, the remainder of the cheese wound up on the floor. I tell her about my assignments these days and she asked that I share this not-so-accurate moment, cheese toe prints and all. accuracy matters realtor
  3. Then, there was the time I forgot to book tickets to Hawaii and by the time I remembered there were exactly three seats on the entire plane… next to the toilet. Let’s just say that my family, who is used to sitting in the front of the plane, was not pleased.
  4. My rescue dog sometimes amuses us with his quirks and issues. He loves to snack on baby carrots but they fall out of his mouth everywhere and sometimes wind up all over the house for me to clean.

Speaking of dogs…

Yes, has the most accurate listings in the industry, with updates every 15 minutes.

Submit a Pic or Video and You Could Win

Accuracy Matters Realtor.comEnter to Win One of FIVE $100 VISA Cards and More

You get the picture. Life happens. You probably have funnier moments or moments where accuracy really made a huge difference (think scoring a goal or solving a complex problem).

FIVE of my readers will win $100 VISA gift cards by sharing original photo(s) reflecting a time when accuracy mattered on Twitter, Vine and/or Instagram. Again, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Share original (this means your own) photos on public social media accounts (Twitter, Vine, Instagram) using TWO hashtags: #AccuracyMatters AND #LJMom.
  2. Then, upload the same photo(s) to the Accuracy Matters contest page or Facebook app. This will enter you to win’s $10,000 grand prize or one of their other weekly prizes.

(Speaking of Instagram, see my post about the best travel hashtags to use on Instagram.)

Why public accounts? We have to be able to see the pics. If you can tag @Realtordotcom, too, that’s even better. Get posting as the opportunity to win my gift cards ends on Friday, August 8 at midnight PT. I’ll be watching both hashtags, but it would be ever so helpful if you could post the link to your social media pics and videos in a comment below. Of course, the photos must be suitable for work… nothing too crazy. Good luck!

*Thanks to for sponsoring this post. No purchase is necessary to win and the contest is open to residents of the 50 states and District of Columbia. Void where prohibited. Must be 18 years or older to enter, 19 years old in Nebraska and Alabama. See official terms and conditions for other possible exclusions (basically, you can’t be affiliated with the sponsor but read it anyway).

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    1. Thanks for pointing that out, Abby! Do you have a public Twitter account that you can shoot the pic out on? I will confirm but I think it probably does need to be public so the folks picking the winner can see the photos. I just added it to the description above. Thanks again!

  1. I love the cheesy toeprints pic. Here’s my #AccuracyMatters link: httpss://

  2. This post made me laugh:-) Here’s my accuracy matters. httpss://

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  4. httpss://

    Accuracy Matters when trying to eat your first piece of cake!

  5. Here’s a link to my tweet of what I noticed when I picked up my grandson from school. He had put his shorts on backwards and neither of us noticed in the morning.


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