This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Alumbre Coffee. All opinions are 100% mine.

It was hard to pick exactly which of the Alumbre ultra-premium, artisan coffees to try first from gorgeous basket I received that overflowed with all of their flavors.

The packaging is particularly gorgeous (combining my favorite colors) which, truthfully, inspired me grab some donuts and my camera to Discover Alumbre.

Alumbre Coffee in its vibrant packaging.

For me, good coffee, donuts and my camera are a trifecta of goodness.

An array of delicious donuts.

Truthfully, I’m picky when it comes to coffee because there is simply no reason these days to pour a bad cup at home. But, it takes knowing what to buy and I do like to know that what’s in my cup was processed in an eco-sensitive manner.

This is why I’m going to tell you about Alumbre. This responsibly-grown, exceptional coffee is available exclusively online.

Alumbre is responsibly-grown artisan coffee that is only available online.

While our house overfloweth with coffee makers, I prefer French press coffee when the beans are high quality. I feel like you can really taste the flavors better as the grounds actually sit in the water instead of simply having water pass through them in a drip coffee maker. As a fan of dark roasts, I knew that the Alumbre Mutu Batak would be my favorite, and it was.

I could smell fresh cedar, tobacco and leather as the beans spun around in the grinder. The beans are sun-dried and triple picked by hand to remove defects.

Alumbre coffee and donuts for breakfast. What could be better?

The grounds soaked in hot water and my French press coffee was on its way to perfection.

Alumbre’s commitment to the environment has paved the path for an industry-wide standard of sustainable coffee production. The company continuously invests in its people, who play an integral part in the production of the coffee, through special projects and initiatives. Skilled roastmasters pay careful attention to how each coffee bean has its own perfect degree of roast depending on how and where it was grown, the varietal, size and shape of the bean, processing, and storage.

A small-batch, artisan coffee that you can buy online - Alumbre Coffee.

AAlumbre has a coffee to suit every palate at competitive prices for artisan coffee.

Colombia Alma del Café de Jardà­n ® – $17.00 (12 oz. bag)
The rich volcanic soil and unique microclimates in the Colombian Andes provide excellent conditions for growing superior coffees. Producers tend plants as high as 2,000 meters above sea level in the department of Antioquia, which extends the maturation period and creates beans of great density and character. Alma Del Café is sourced from diligent producers in the far south of Antioquia, and is milled at Alumbre’s trilladora in the colonial town of Jardà­n. The single-origin coffee reveals chocolate flavors with winy hints and has classic Colombian depth and body. Medium Roast: Rich and sweet, flavors of chocolate and caramel with hints of tropical fruit.

Costa Rica La MinitaTarrazຠ® – $22.00 (12 oz. bag)
The Tarrazຠregion in Costa Rica is widely recognized as one of the premier coffee regions in the world. This single Estate offering is produced entirely on Alumbre’s farm property. The company controls every aspect of the production and quality from nursery seedlings to the expert selection, and ensure no shortcuts are taken and every detail is attended to. The single-origin, estate-grown coffee is impeccably balanced, where notes of fresh orange citrus meld with flavors of caramel and maple. La Minita is a truly elegant coffee. Medium Roast: Sweet flavors of orange and brown sugar, brilliant acidity and great balance.

Sumatra Mutu Batak ™ – $17.00 (12 oz. bag)
Alumbre works with a reliable network of producers on the southern shore of Lake Toba in Sumatra to source its Mutu Batak. It is a classic Lintong Sumatra coffee, carrying clean and sweet notes of fresh cedar, elegant pipe tobacco, and leather into the cup. Entirely sun-dried and triple picked by hand to remove defects, the single-origin Mutu Batak has a thick syrupy body and mild fresh acidity that can be enjoyed from your first sip through the sweetly lingering finish. Dark Roast: Layers of citrus and pipe tobacco with floral sandalwood aromas.

French Roast – $12.50 (10 oz. bag)
A blend of Alumbre’s finest Latin American beans is roasted to perfection to create this intense and bold cup. Beans dense enough to stand up to the strong roast profile create the signature taste of the brand’s darkest roast. The smoky overtones of this artisanally roasted cup result in a bold, complex flavor that is sure to please the most discerning dark roast coffee lover. Dark Roast: An intense, full-bodied blend with distinctly smoky overtones.

Alumbre Coffee Review: Small-batch, artisan coffee from a company who takes care of their workers and has the environment in mind.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe – $17.00(12 oz. bag)
From the birthplace of coffee, this highly floral cup brings a mellow body accented by hints of chocolate. The profile of this coffee is among some of the most unique in the world and is only found in the Sidama region. This origin is particularly favored by some of the most discerning coffee buyers in the world for its unique flavors of lemon and berry. This single-origin coffee will bring your senses to a place of wonderment and intrigue. Medium Roast: Fruit with a floral aroma and playful hints of lemon and berries.