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American Airlines Transpacific Improvements–Loved The Wine Experience

I’ve been the first to tell you about not-so-great airline experiences, so I’m inclined to mention why our recent flight from Tokyo-LAX on American Airlines in business class was the best experience we’ve ever had on the airline. Let me start with a little history and then I’ll get into the wine, which is massively improved.

Because of our former expat lifestyle, I have flown Tokyo-LAX more times than I can count. I had one experience where my business class seat on American Airlines did not recline (it’s too far and too expensive to stay upright) and all I received was major attitude from the flight attendant and no apology from the airline. As a result, I chose a competing airline to fly Tokyo-LAX for the next 6 years. On our last trip to Tokyo, an American Airlines flight was the only one available that suited our schedule. I begrudgingly booked it. I’m glad I did, because it changed my attitude.

Top Notch Service From The Flight Attendants

You might argue that the fact we were in business class automatically bumps the service to a different level, but we’ve had plenty of mediocre service in business class. Our flight attendant was attentive, nicer than nice and I was completely impressed by her. I’m not sure if she was a wine enthusiast or not, but she encouraged me (and probably other passengers) to leisurely sample each wine on the menu and was excellent about returning as our glasses emptied. This alone made me a happy traveler, because I felt taken care of.

About The Wine Program

American Airlines has a classically trained winemaker and viticulturist named Ken Chase. Think about what a multifaceted job Mr. Chase has with taking into consideration cultural preferences and pairing wine with numerous cuisines. The business class wine menu features “Chase’s Choice,” a wine specifically selected for the flight’s menu, where you are invited to email your thoughts about the wine to Mr. Chase. The wine on my flight was the above One World Pinotage that I would definitely buy. It was fantastic with Japanese food and tasted like it would cost much more than it’s $16 retail value.

American Airlines Business Class Wine - TokyoHave a look at the wine selections offered on various flights, in all classes of service.

Other Noticeable Upgrades

Also, the inflight entertainment has been upgraded with more selection since I last flew this route. The little traveler next to me was very pleased with the Disney offerings. The food was also massively improved: the signature warm mixed nuts to start, sushi appetizer, as well as beef fillet with mushroom sauce, salad and bread for a main.

American Airlines Tokyo Business ClassAll in all, it was a very nice experience. As you’re reading this, I’m sitting in the LAX Admiral’s Club en route to Jamaica on American Airlines with two layovers. Fingers crossed I didn’t just jinx myself.

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