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Win $1000 of Anatomie Luxury Travel Clothing

BY La Jolla Mom

It’s easy to lose your sense of style—something I’ve fallen victim to—when dressing for long flights. I was sitting in first class during our recent trip to New York City in basically what amounted to boring athletic wear and sneakers. I have a closet full of designer clothes and I’m wearing THIS? Never again.

The problem is that most of my clothes aren’t comfortable enough for the plane and they don’t always pack particularly well. Enter Anatomie, considered the world’s most stylish clothing for travel. Their large collection of stunning-yet-comfortable styles can dress you from the white sand beaches of Hawaii to hiking the ruins of Macchu Picchu while looking like you just stepped out of a magazine.

Anatomie Is High-Performance Travel Clothing

Anatomie’s pieces are made using the finest Italian and French materials and are designed to be highly durable and lightweight. They’re working on the assumption that you need to be comfortable, fashionable and able to wear each piece multiple times. This high-performance clothing washes without fading, dries wrinkle free and is transitional—meaning it’s OK to wear at school drop-off and out for cocktails.

Yes, in addition to being perfect for travel, Anatomie can and should be integrated into your daily wardrobe. Because I’m traveling quite a bit in the spring and summer and have my eye on pieces in the new Spring 2015 collection (click on a photo to begin the slideshow).

Win $1000 of Anatomie Clothing Plus a Styling Session [CLOSED]

I’ve partnered with eight of your favorite travel bloggers to present an awesome giveaway that includes $1000 toward Anatomie clothing of your choice along with a virtual styling session with the founders of this innovative brand, Kate and Shawn Boyer. Meet the bloggers here:

The Professional Hobo (Nora Dunn): Follow Nora as she circles the world learning how to make travel a full-time choice in a way that is financially sustainable.

Luxury Travel Diary (Yasmin Pullman): Yasmin falls head over heels with the world’s most fashionable destinations and embraces a life of luxury travel from boutique hotels in Athens to choosing luscious clothes for the road.

Travel with Bender (Josh and Erin Bender): The Benders hit the road with their two adorable children to for a lifetime of fun and exploration around the world.

Girl Vs Globe (Sabina Trojanova): Stylish Sabina talks fashion as well as where to find the best pint of Guinness in Ireland and how a trip to Morocco saved her life. Get inspired by her desire to live her bucket list.

La Jolla Mom (Me!): Katie Dillon gives all women the inspiration to take more mother-daughter trips, to indulge in a glass of wine, to discover the delights of La Jolla in San Diego and a ton of tips on how to stay classy when traveling with kids.

Goats on the Road (Nick and Dariece): Follow Nick and Dariece as they kick down the white picket fence and live their own dream by visiting 45 countries in 4 different continents while showing you what life on the road is like.

Luxury Launches (Dhiram Shah): Want to know what is trending in the world of affluence? Luxury Launches has the scoop on the latest happenings in the luxury world.

LuxeInACity (Roxanne Genier): LuxeInACity is a curated city guide designed to showcase real life recommendations around the world, proving also that travel can be a work of art.

Lost In Travel Magazine (Mary Rose Pineda): Steer clear of cookie cutter tourist traps and go where the locals by using Lost In Travel Magazine as your guide.

Buy Anatomie online.

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22 thoughts on “Win $1000 of Anatomie Luxury Travel Clothing

  1. I have an Anatomie jacket, pants and tank and I love them!! So comfortable, flexible, drip dry, flattering fit…perfect for travel.

  2. I could so use a style update…My traveling clothes are sad, wrinkled and not very exciting. And that is no way to travel!!

  3. Perhaps entering will be a "if you build it, they will come" type moment. If I have traveling clothes, more opportunities to travel will appear! I'm always in long pants, long sleeves and a jacket when I travel. I''m always cold!

  4. Just this week I received my order of Monika dress, Sklyer pants and Isadora tank. I LOVE them all but the Isadora will be the most used piece for travel, play and work.
    I would love to win $1,000 to purchase more of Anatomie’s gorgeous, functional, lightweight clothes.

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