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5 Reasons to Support the Schoola Kids’ Clothing Marketplace

BY La Jolla Mom

Now, it’s possible to go back-to-school shopping for recycled brand name clothes in a marketplace that donates a very generous portion of proceeds to schools in need. This innovative marketplace (and sponsor of this post) is called Schoola and has already been recognized by the likes of Fox News, the LA Times, Forbes and Parenting Magazine.

Right now, Schoola is rallying around three schools across the country with programs like music, art and PE on budget chopping blocks in a campaign to get the word out about shopping with Schoola.

One of these schools is Yick Wo Elementary in San Francisco. Their art program is at risk and the buzz at my daughter’s school is that ours always is, too. It’s a shame that art class is often considered a luxury and not mandatory. Art teaches children fine motor skills, decision making, cultural awareness and much more. Not to mention, art can provide much needed therapy for kids going through a rough time (and even for those who aren’t).

I am participating in this campaign to help Yick Wo raise the $28,000 needed to save their art program and also to show readers how to donate money to your school by repurposing items your kids no longer wear.

5 Reasons to Give Schoola a Try

1. It’s Motivation to Clean Out the Closet

My daughter is growing like a weed, which means we cycle through wardrobe pieces at what feels like lightening speed. Request a bag from Schoola and fill it to the brim with gently-used, brand-name clothing (labels must be on). They’ll pick it up—yes, you don’t even need to leave the house.

2. 40% of Proceeds from Your Donated Bag Go to Your School

Request a bag from Schoola, fill it with gently-used kids clothing and they’ll pick it up at no cost to you.

In case you’re wondering, Schoola retained a team of industry experts to help value donated clothes and anything that isn’t saleable is donated to the Goodwill.

3. You Can Buy Deeply Discounted Designer Brands

Find adorable clothing for kids at a bargain price. Your purchase supports the school of the person who donated the clothing so it’s really win-win.

4. Schoola Saves Precious Time

You don’t have to leave the house to shop or donate, a factor that I appreciate.

5. Right Now, Schoola Is Donating Even More Money

Go online to request a bag from Schoola right now because through August 18, that simple request will trigger a $1 donation to Yick Wo Elementary from Schoola AND your school will receive the normal $2 of every $5 made. Easy.

shop online with schoola for kids clothesGet started now by visiting Schoola online. I just requested my own bag and there are a lot of cute clothes for sale at the moment!

*This post is brought to you by Schoola but I was happy to participate in a good cause that can benefit my daughter’s school, too.

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