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My Tween’s Cool Back-to-School Finds at Kohl’s

Written in partnership with Kohl’s. It’s hard to believe that summer is halfway over. This means is that it’s time to think seriously about back-to-school shopping. Get started on it early as rushing around to find sneakers, backpacks, and more school essentials is not the easiest thing to do when the family is adjusting back into a school routine.

My daughter and I did some online shopping at Kohl’s for the first time ever and as we were browsing the savings just kept coming. Items we’d normally buy were on sale and Kohl’s happened to be offering an additional 15% off at the time of our purchase.

On top of this, as a Yes2You (Kohl’s frequent shopper rewards program) member, I earned a ton of points that add up to future savings. Everything shipped for free and I knew that if something didn’t work out, I’d simply head to the Kohl’s near my house to return it.

Her “haul” (as tweens now like to call it) was very good value for my money. Part of it is pictured here.

A tween's back-to-school shopping haul from Kohl's.

Back-to-School Kids’ Clothes

She chose T-shirts that are a part of the SO collection. I was impressed that it was easy for her to immediately identify three that she liked given that she’s so picky about clothes these days. The sleeves tie in bows at the shoulder and material is soft… so cute!

A Kohl's back-to-school outfit for girls.

In the photo above, she’s wearing the Gathered Shoulder Graphic Tee and the SO Elastic Waist Jogger pants. But, they also have a huge selection of school uniforms.

Back to School Shoes

As open-toed shoes aren’t allowed at our school, Converse are my daughter’s go-to sneakers.

Buy super cute Converse women's shoes for back-to-school at Kohl's.

The Converse shoes she picked out at Kohl’s (Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Madison Wolf Sneakers which are now priced even less than when we bought them) are especially cute with their seafoam green trim. I’m thinking about buying a pair for myself.

Kohl’s has multiple Converse colors and styles for men, women, and kids.

Back-to-School Accessories

Fun accessories like erasers, pens, and more featuring unicorns and rainbows are sure to turn frowns upside-down for kids who aren’t quite ready for the end of summer.

Fun back-to-school accessories from Kohl's.

Not to mention that Kohl’s has an enormous selection of Jansport, Under Armour, Nike, Disney, and other character backpacks. My daughter’s backpack of choice is a Jansport that she bought at Kohl’s last spring.

Go back-to-school shopping at Kohl's in San Diego.

My daughter might be 10 years old but she’s tall and now wearing women’s shoes. This means is certainly costs more than it used to in order to keep her wardrobe in tact. I appreciate every dollar saved because she’s still growing. Time certainly flies!

Start back-to-school shopping now at Kohl’s.

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