With the weather finally cooling down here in San Diego, we’re craving more comfort food. Slow cooker dishes are perfect for this. I figured that I’d grab a pork shoulder and toss it in with Southern BBQ Campbell’s Slow Cooker sauce for my last post in this game day series.

I lined the bottom with sliced onions (since my family seemed to like that in the blue cheese slider recipe), put the pork on top and then poured the sauce over everything.

How to Make BBQ Pork Loaded Fries

I started a bit late so placed the slow cooker on high for about 5 hours. In the meantime, my daughter and I prepared cornbread and a salad which proved to be a delicious combo. We stopped here and ate dinner when the pork was finished.

My husband and his friend had me step it up a bit since we had the necessary ingredients in the house to replicate a recipe for BBQ pork loaded fries that I’d seen on the Campbell’s Kitchen website. They were watching Monday night football.

I figured since the pork was already made, an extra few steps wouldn’t hurt anything. I baked a pack of steak fries per package instructions (about 25 minutes). I might opt for skinnier fries but that’s a matter of personal preference. Just make sure they’re baked until a little crispy.

Try as best you can to toss the cheese in between the french fries so that they are generously coated. Next, layer the slow-cooked pork on top. Bake for 10 minutes or so until the cheese is melted. Top with green onions and tomato before serving. This football appetizer delicious and could be a meal in itself.

Game Day Recipe: BBQ Pork Loaded Fries

A tasty and hearty recipe for BBQ pork loaded fries using a slow cooker (and lots of yummy cheese).


  • 2-3 lb boneless pork shoulder
  • 1 pouch of Southern BBQ Campbell's Slow Cooker Sauce
  • 2 yellow onions
  • 1 package of steak fries (28 oz)
  • 2 cups of cheddar cheese (or more to your liking)
  • 2 green onions
  • 1 medium tomato


  1. Place sliced onions in slow cooker with pork on top.
  2. Pour in sauce and set to high for 4-5 hours (or low for 7 hours).
  3. Shred pork. You'll need about 2 cups for the fries.
  4. Cook fries according to package directions. Keep oven on 450 degrees.
  5. Mix cheese and cooked fries together in a 13" x 9" pan. Place shredded pork on top.
  6. Cook for 10 minutes or until the cheese is melted.

That’s it. My family of three could easily eat dinner using the pork as a main course and have enough left over to make the fries!

Did you know that CSCS are not only great for every day meals but they are awesome for game day gathering with friends? Meals with Campbell’s Slow Cooker sauces are delicious and so easy to make. Just 5 minutes of prep time is all it takes. Take the Game Day Great, Every Day Easy Challenge and experience it for yourself. Campbell’s Sauces include Tavern Style Pot Roast, Apple Bourbon Pulled Pork, Beef Stew, Southern BBQ, Sweet Korean BBQ, Hawaiian Pork. You do not add water to these sauces because the meats will provide liquid as they cook.

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