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Beaming: A 3-Day Lifestyle Cleanse That Doesn’t Feel Like A Sacrifice

Perhaps a summer of travel or kids at home added an inch or two to the waistline. Or, you’re feeling lethargic and need to kickstart yourself into a healthy eating and exercise routine. I’ve tried a number of 3-day detox cleanses over the last few years was recently sent one by a local San Diego company, Beaming, that is easier to handle and perhaps better for you than totally juice-based cleanses.

How Is Beaming Different?

Well, first of all, you get a restaurant-quality salad to nosh on at dinner. Psychologically, this makes a huge difference to me. Beaming believes that not all cleanses are created equally so they’ve developed theirs as an organic, whole food, plant-based raw food cleanse that will radiate you from the inside and out. Beaming is about a lifestyle, not a quick fix, that will enable you to begin or re-start a journey toward healthy eating and living–versus a pure juice cleanse that might leave you hungry and wishing for a large pizza at the end.

Beaming offers a variety of cleanse options, but during a 3-day cleanse (a bit different than the photo above), you’ll receive:

  • 3 organic cold press juices
  • 1 Beaming Protein Almond Milk (with Beaming protein added to freshly-sprouted almond milk)
  • 1 Superfood Elixir
  • 1 salad or raw entree
  • 1 Beaming Superfood Protein Bite

Cleanses start on a Monday so you’ll need to order by the prior Friday. (I have to admit that I wasn’t wild about the taste of the protein bite, but I got used to it.)

A Sample Beaming Cleanse Day

You can definitely taste the quality and feel like you’re doing something good for your body. All juices and milks were easy to drink.

1. Fennel Love Juice
Benefit: digestion, low glycemic, anti-imflammatory
Cucumber, celery, fennel, green apple, ginger lime

2. Beaming Pure Green Juice
Benefit: antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immunity boost
Cucumber, celery, spinach, parsley, lemon, mint

3. Nut milk: almond milk with proteins
Benefit: energy immunity protein
Freshly made sprouted almond milk, Beaming protein, vanilla, Himalayan pink salt

4. Lemonade (I regret I threw the bottle away before writing down the exact ingredients–I’ll get them)
Benefit: A mid-afternoon energy boost
Lemon juice and cayenne pepper

5. Avocado Superfood Salad
Benefit: It’s delicious food!
Romaine, spinach, avocado, organic corn, grape tomatoes, pea sprouts, basil, cashews, hemp seeds, pepitas, goji berries
Dressing: capers, lemon juice, pistachios, chives, basil thyme, extra-virgin olive oil, agave salt and pepper.

6. Salad Spinner Juice
Benefit: digestion, liver cleanse, cellular regeneration
Carrot, beet, cucumber, celery, lime, kale, apple, ginger

How I Felt While Detoxing

I believe the key to surviving a cleanse is to stay busy, so that’s what I did. Day one was virtually unremarkable, which is fantastic. I worked, lived  and felt just like I do on any other day. On day two, I was a little bit more tired than usual and though I had no plans to work out, there is no way I could have. The fatigue subsided on day three and when I woke up on day four, my pants were noticeably looser and my skin looked better. I didn’t feel deprived or like I wanted to slice a huge chunk off of a brick of cheese (which has been known to happen) the second freedom was granted.

The staff at Beaming says that you can eat or drink the juices in any order you like, though they do provide a recommended order including a juice before bedtime. I drank the bedtime juice, but I could have given it a pass because my body wasn’t asking for it after the salad. Translation: I just wasn’t hungry.

In addition to the cleanse, it’s important to drink a ton of water to flush out toxins and stay hydrated. I start with lemon water in the morning and when I felt a caffeine headache coming on I poured a glass of green tea. Beaming would prefer that you stay away from caffeine completely, but since I’ve been allowed green tea during past cleanses, I caved. At the end of the cleanse, it took about a week or so to add certain things into my diet again because my body wasn’t craving bread, soda, sugar and other things. So, the benefits definitely are ongoing.

Order Cleanses Through bBar in Del Mar

I had to pick up the cleanse at bBar in Del Mar though delivery is available to some parts of San Diego. Because of the high-quality, fresh ingredients, I had to pick up 2 days initially and return to bBar to pick up the last day. Be sure to plan for this. However, I woke up on a random Monday morning a while back and called bBar to see if they could cobble together a cleanse for me on the spot, based on what they had in stock (I missed the Friday cleanse ordering cut-off). I did have to go back and pick up a salad on the third day, as they had enough juice available that wasn’t going to expire.

I stop into bBar whenever I’m in the area anyway to pick up the same salads and juices that are in the cleanse. Yes, they are that good (though I am not typically a green juice person). The kale Caesar salad is my favorite.

Be Beaming Cleanse B Bar Del Mar Restaurant

If my daughter is in the car, she orders the chocolate Beaming Basic smoothie made from dates and almond protein. This is one of the smoothies that is recommended for kids and it tastes like a milkshake.

The Bottom Line

Because you are able to cleanse with a salad and protein bite in addition to the best quality juice and nut milks, your body makes an easier transition back to solid food versus other juice cleanses. Frankly, just stepping into bBar makes you want to revamp your eating habits. I can’t say for sure that I’ll never do a purely juice-based cleanse again, but I prefer Beaming’s methodology and would cleanse with Beaming again. High quality juice and nut milk plus a salad makes for a much easier experience, not to mention they taste like something you’d order at a restaurant by choice. A 3-day cleanse is $225.

Beaming Vitality Bar (bBar)
(in the Albertson’s shopping center)
2683 Via de la Valle
Del Mar, CA 92014

(858) 481-1222

*Beaming sent me a 3-day cleanse to review, however, I’ve ordered plenty from bBar since its opening to put my money where my mouth is. Photos are courtesy of Beaming.

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