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Try the BeauByte App and Get a $5 Shop Credit for Beauty Products

BY La Jolla Mom

With a multitude of new apps, it can be difficult to sort through which are worth a download let alone permanent screen real estate. A new beauty app has come to my attention that lovers of social media should take a look at.

BeauByte (pronounced BYOO-byte… the “beau” stems from beauty) allows everyday people to easily share, shop and earn credits through a unique social community/e-commerce platform that combines the best parts of Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and even Tinder with the best elements of Amazon, Birchbox, and Sephora without leaving the app.

So what does that mean exactly? You’re about to find out.

How BeauByte Helps You

This app is for people who enjoy learning about the latest and greatest beauty products.

However, it’s one thing to learn about them and another to actually see how people use them in real life. BeauByte presents users a feed of real people who tag the beauty products they used in that particular picture.

I have to say that I am surprised by how well you can see makeup application on an iPhone screen.

A review of the new BeauByte app.

The app is intuitive which means that the more you use it, the better it learns your preferences. This process starts during registration when you tell the app your face shape, coloring and other details. It then curates a feed with photos by users who share the same preferences.

As you “like” or “pass” on the photos with the swipe of a finger, the app being trained to show photos that are in line with your preferred look.

If you like what you see, it’s possible to purchase those products directly through the app.

Shopping on BeauByte

Let’s say you see a product that you like. Go ahead and click on it.

Beauty Blender on the BeauByte app

You can use these grey icons to learn more about the product. I’ll explain them by number.

The icons that navigate a user through BeauByte

  1. This tells you what it is, the price and how many reviews it’s received.
  2. Here is where you read the actual reviews and see who wrote them.
  3. Tap this for photos of other users who have tagged this particular product in their posts.
  4. Learn all of the product specs including ingredients, size/quantity, features, and benefits.
  5. And, finally, see what other options (various sizes and colors) and products are available from the same brand.

These icons deliver enough information so that you can make a fully-informed decision before purchasing.

Cinema Secrets on the BeauByte App

Currently, there are about 40 major brands on BeauByte but they are constantly loading more into the app.

How You Help Other Users

Post a selfie on the BeauByte App to earn points toward perks.

Here’s your excuse to post a selfie. Snap one, upload it to BeauByte, tag the products you’re using and share it with the BeauByte community so they can see what you’re using and why.

You may also contribute to the community by quickly reviewing products to help others also make informed purchase decisions.

Points For Engagement Add Up to Savings and Perks

All of this activity earns you points. The more points you amass, the higher your BeauByte rank is. The higher your rank, the more benefits you can receive including:

  • free shipping
  • free product samples
  • discounts on purchases
  • beauty services
  • invites to private events
  • special promotions and limited editions
  • and more

BeauBux Earned = Significant Savings

If someone is encouraged to make a purchase by one of your posts, you’ll earn Beaubux to use just like cash in the BeauByte Shop. BeauBux are shared among the community which means that the more you post, the more potential you have to earn.

This means that if someone clicks through your photo to a product and then investigates the product further by clicking on other user photos… you all share a piece of the revenue. This also means that it’s tough to say how much you’ll earn on any given purchase but it’s a fun concept nonetheless.

Your Exclusive BeauByte Invitation Code + FREE Money

Invitations to the app are limited but you can download BeauByte through this link. You will likely not be prompted for an invitation code, but if you are, use LAJOLLAMOM.

Readers who download through this link will automatically be given $5 in BeauBux to use in the shop!

How to Earn Free Shipping Right Away

The points earning mentioned earlier begins with the 500 received upon downloading the app. HOWEVER, it takes 500 more (for 1000 total) to receive free shipping on your first order. This is pretty easy to do simply by liking or passing on photos that appear in your feed, uploading a profile pic and more.

Have questions? Feel free to drop them here. Now go download BeauByte through this link for your $5 credit.

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