Easy Tips for Packing an Everyday Bento Lunch

Making everyone's lunches at once helps eliminate waste and saves time.

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I am of the firm belief that if you use the right strategies, nearly anything that’s in your fridge can look great in a bento box lunch. Ease back into the school routine by relieving yourself of the pressure to make lunch look like the elaborate creation you saw on Pinterest.

I’ve partnered with goodnessKNOWS Snack Squares to share my best tips for easy, everyday bento lunch success.

Make Several Lunches at Once

I pack my bento lunch at the same time I pack my daughter's.

I work from home. Lunchtime is when my inbox is the most active. So, eating becomes an inconvenience or something done in haste.

If I pack my lunch and my daughter’s lunch at the same time in the morning, I am more likely to eat a more sensible lunch especially if it’s in a pre-portioned bento. This way, I grab my bento box from the refrigerator, pause for a minute to eat, and keep on keeping on.

Otherwise, I’ll grab something in haste that is far less healthy or tasty just for the sake of not being hungry. I also waste less as I’ll use leftover bits from my daughter’s bento lunch to make mine.

Use Lots of Color

Studies show that kids are more likely to eat their lunch if there's color in it.

I’ve read that experts believe kids are more likely to get excited about their lunch if it’s colorful. My daughter who learned to “eat a rainbow” in preschool which is certainly in line with this idea.

A recent study showed that kids prefer meals with 7 items and 6 colors because they want visually stimulating food presented with a little pizazz. And, you can totally do this with a bento lunch.

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Incorporate Little Bento Gadgets

Little bento lunch accessories brighten up any lunch box.

Of course, there are going to be the days when your fridge isn’t offering up color diversity. Sprinkle in a few of these colorful bento gadgets and you’ll be good to go (it sounds so silly but it does make a difference). I’m a fan of the reusable animal forks (pictured above) which come in multiple colors. There are many other similar gadgets like these that can work, too.

Create Easy Shapes

Vegetable cutters are seriously the easiest way to quickly jazz up cheese, carrots, cucumbers, melon, sandwich meat and more. I give my daughter the cut shapes and take the remainder (which also looks cool) for my lunch.
Prep food for a bento lunch in advance so you're not rushed in the morning.
Big cookie cutters also make perfect sandwich cutters. We also make sure the leftover bread goes to good use (currently, by hiding my dog’s medication in it).

Use Leftovers/PreMade Food

Have some leftover stir fry and rice? There’s no reason why it can’t go in the bento! Planning to add a little cooked chicken or fish? Prepare it the night before. Seriously, do whatever it takes to cut down morning prep time. And, start to think about what you’ve prepared the day prior that might work as part of a lunch.

Keep Food Mostly Separate

A key to successful bento lunch making is to keep every section separate. Not only does it keep wet foods from mingling unintentionally with dry foods, but it maintains the neat and tidy look that is so common with bentos. With the help of bento dividers, silicone muffin cups and other containers, it’s possible to turn any container into a properly divided bento box lunch. You can even use snap peas or lettuce leaves, too.

Pack it Tightly

Pack sections of the bento lunch tightly to achieve the right look. Divided containers help!

A tightly packed bento keeps food from sloshing around. It’s why the sandwich is wedged in place with broccoli, for example. Even if this bento box is flipped upside-down, not much moves around.

Add goodnessKNOWS

Bento box lunches are portioned just like goodnessKNOWS. Each pack is divided into four snackable squares that take the guesswork out of portion control, all for 150 calories. They are just the right mix of whole nuts, real fruits, toasted oats and dark chocolate. And, the squares fit really well into many divided bento boxes. goodnessKNOWS is available nationwide in six flavors, all crafted with dark chocolate:

  • cranberry & almond
  • apple, almond & peanut
  • peach, cherry & almond (this is my daughter’s favorite flavor)
  • blueberry & almond
  • mixed berry & almond
  • strawberry & peanut

goodnessKNOWS is gluten free with no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. They recently debuted its new packaging refresh and new logo. With a bolder logo design and new packaging that now highlights those same, delicious ingredients on the front of the pack, goodnessKNOWS makes it easier for everyone to identify which flavor speaks most to their snacking journey.

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Easily make an everyday bento box lunch using these tips.

Visit goodnessKNOWS.com for additional information, including product nutritional content and ingredients. Here is where to buy goodnessknows.

What are your bento box lunch tips?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of goodnessknows. The opinions and text are all mine.

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