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Why Schools Need Bing in the Classroom

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Bing in the Classroom is a program that brings technology into schools through ad-free search, free Microsoft Surface tablets and free digital literary lessons for parents and teachers. The good news is that it’s incredibly easy to participate in this program.

My 7-year-old has just starting using computers at school and is able to browse the internet without much help. Safe, ad-free search is incredibly important to us in order to protect her from seeing things she shouldn’t. Sometimes, even if we’re next to her monitoring, sites and other content pop up in search that are not age-appropriate.

Earn Credits by Searching the Web with Bing

Use Bing to search the internet to earn credits, just as you would in a frequent flier program. Anyone can sign for free up to start earning immediately. Points can then be donated to earn a Surface tablet for your school using Bing Rewards! All you need to do is stay signed into Bing as you search.

Earn Microsoft Surface Tablets for Your School

It’s estimated that 60 parents using Bing to search the internet as they normally do can earn one Surface tablet per month for their child’s school. Use the zip code locator to find out how many points your school has earned to date, but don’t be surprised to see that your school hasn’t earned any yet as the program is new. You can change this by helping to get the word out and even earn bonus credits for each friend who joins Bing Rewards and reaches silver status.

Kids at my daughter’s school love playing learning apps on tablets during computer time so they are definitely valuable addition to any school. We’ve downloaded the same apps to our home tablet and they really are helpful with everything from math to geography.

Safe Ad-Free Search for the Classroom

If a school district signs up for Bing in the Classroom, Bing removes ads from search results. They also turn on SafeSearch to filter out adult content that isn’t appropriate for schools. In addition, privacy settings are adjusted so that your child’s search behavior isn’t stored for ad profiling.

Teachers are also reporting that ad-free search results in less distraction and more focused kids during computer time.

Daily Digital Literacy Lessons for Home or School

Bing in the Classroom’s digital literacy lesson plans are designed by educators to promote critical thinking and align with Common Core standards. Parents or teachers can take 10 minutes per day to explore the web with kids through a big, beautiful image of the day. Those of us with wanderlust should enjoy these Pinterest-worthy images that incorporate mathematics, geography, art and more.

Learn More About Bing in the Classroom

This short video explains the program further.

Sign up for Bing Rewards! Start earning tablets for your child’s school.

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