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I can often book guests in to San Diego hotels with value-added VIP amenities and other perks

If you’re planning a San Diego vacation or know someone who is, I have great news.

For years, I’ve answered emails about where to stay in San Diego, how to structure a perfect itinerary and have to save money on San Diego attractions. It’s something I truly enjoy doing anyway so I decided to stake it a step further because this is clearly my niche.

And, as readers of this site know, I love hotels. I’m honestly fascinated their ins and outs from how in-room dining is presented to the types of flower arrangements in the lobby. I have a keen eye for good service… living in a luxury hotel for five years will do that do you.

I Can Book Your Hotels (Often with Exclusive Perks)

I decided that if I was going to actually book hotels for my readers, that I would only do it with the ability to secure them the very best. It may seem hard to believe in a digital world, but travel agents can actually provide more value and better perks than travelers are able to secure on their own.

I’ve been booking hotels through luxury travel agents for some time now because they’ve been able to provide me with an elevated level of service in addition to VIP amenities that put real money back into my pocket.

To give you an idea, my last luxury hotel stay came with a room upgrade, two complimentary breakfasts and a $100 spa credit. When traveling with my daughter, we always eat breakfast in the hotel so I would be paying for it normally (which can reach $100/day, at times). At this particular hotel, I was also already going to head to the spa. Over a week’s time, I estimate that I saved about $700 by booking through a luxury travel agent.

These are not benefits I could have secured on my own.

Why I Chose Worldview Travel

My research lead me to Worldview Travel, a very large and established agency who conveniently also has an office in La Jolla. I am now one of their independent affiliates which means that I have access to their enormous library of resources (which is basically my version of pure heaven) and can book airfare, hotels, cruises and tours from the comfort of home.

The reason why Worldview Travel is a perfect fit for me is because they’re a Virtuoso member agency. In addition, they have preferred relationships with my favorite hotel brands. Worldview Travel’s size means that their buying power leads to preferred pricing, exclusive amenities and other benefits for clients. In the short time I’ve been with them, I’ve experienced how hotels go out of their way to make sure my readers get what they need and then some.

For example, a reservations desk can’t often guarantee connecting rooms. But, because I’m affiliated with Worldview Travel, a local resort was able to guarantee them (when they otherwise do not), providing my reader with extra piece of mind.

Why Book San Diego Hotels With Me

I am first and foremost a mom, frequent traveler and luxury travel writer. I’m never going to recommend a hotel, just to make a booking. Nope, that’s not my thing, on a number of levels. I don’t need to do this, but I enjoy it, so it’s added value that I offer. I love hotels.

My Relationships

I feel that I’m one of the most dialed in people in town when it comes to San Diego hotels. I already have relationships or am in the process of building relationships with every single popular hotel or resort in San Diego. I know which hotels have reasonably-priced suites and guarantee connecting rooms for larger families. I know which have shuttles to the beach (avoid summer beach parking), kids’ clubs and other amenities that make a San Diego vacation even easier. My inbox is full of special promotions and events that could make a stay extra fun.

My Expertise

Also, finding the perfect hotel is not that simple for people who are unfamiliar with San Diego. I recently moved a family with a booking in the UTC area, who thought they could walk to the beach in La Jolla. I helped a family split time between two fabulous luxury hotels, to stay in their budget, by rearranging their dates and itineraries. The list goes on and hammering out these details is quick for me to do, saving time on your end.

What also naturally happens during the process is that people tell me a bit about what they have planned in San Diego. I pass them relevant information about how to bundle discounted attractions passes, what to pack and more because while a hotel can make or break a vacation, there are so many fabulous things to do in San Diego.

The VIP Perks

But, perhaps the most appealing reason to book with me is that I can secure VIP amenities that the average person can’t at hotels like the Hotel Del Coronado, La Valencia Hotel, Pendry San Diego, Fairmont Grand Del Mar and many more. These amenities do actually save money while enhancing a stay.

And, VIP Amenities at Luxury Hotels Worldwide

Luxury hotel partners of Worldview Travel.

Of course, in addition to San Diego hotels, I have access to similar VIP amenities and preferred pricing at luxury hotels worldwide. Most of the luxury hotels I’ve written about on this site actually fall into this category. Feel free to ask me about any hotel on your radar and I’ll tell you what I can or can’t do.

And, I’m on my way to becoming a San Diego Disney Cruise expert. Yes, we now have Disney Cruises departing from downtown! I’d be happy to get you the details.

How to Get in Touch

Easy, just send me an email (katie @ or put your travel details in this hotel request form.

I’d be thrilled to help you or anyone you know find the perfect San Diego hotel. It’s fun. I love it.

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I can help you find and book the perfect San Diego hotel for your vacation, often with exclusive amenities. Here's how.
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