In partnership with Bottlekeeper. Yes, you can keep your beer cold for long periods of time even here in sunny San Diego. And while it’s staying chilled, the bottle is safe from impact which is a serious bonus for pet owners, parents, and those who enjoy entertaining. How, you ask? It’s a device called a BottleKeeper.

Since San Diego is city of beer drinkers and a craft beer mecca for enthusiasts around the globe, I thought it would be my duty to inform you of such a wise invention. It’s also timely because many are on the lookout for perfect holiday gifts. And, let’s face it, a 6-pack of good beer these days is an investment and one worth caring for.

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How BottleKeeper Works

BottleKeeper reviews are positive because it is a 3-part system that works. The bottom and lid both screw off of the main vessel. This allows the bottle to be slipped inside before simply screwing the bottom and top back on.

The 4mm neoprene lining behind a stainless steel wall is what helps keep a beer chilled better than a koozie.

The padded bottom and stainless steel sides helps keep the bottle from breaking when it tips or tumbles. (Haven’t we all broken a beer bottle at some point?)

And, I couldn’t believe it when my open Grapefruit Sculpin’ didn’t leak one bit when sealed inside of the BottleKeeper. I tested this by tipping my BottleKeeper upside-down.

After I took photos for this review post, I didn’t have time to drink my glorious beer. So, I put it in the fridge while sealed in the BottleKeeper. I dare say it tasted the same hours later, with suds, probably because of the lid.

How a Bottlekeeper beer chiller works.

I know what you’re thinking. Yes, it’s a discreet way to carry a beer around. For the record, I’m not suggesting that you take a beer or drink a beer where it’s not allowed.

BottleKeeper beer keepers are awesome for picnics though.

A picnic spread with a beer in a stainless steel BottleKeeper on a striped blanket.

Or, if you have access to a beach where alcohol is permitted, this is a dream scenario. For me, backyard use is most handy as we have a giant concrete patio. With all of the games, tetherball, screaming kids, pets and chaos that accompanies family life, I’m keen to prevent broken bottles… which happen on occasion and it’s nice to have a durable beer bottle keeper.

Fitting Your Favorite Beer in BottleKeeper

If you’re wondering how your favorite beer will fit snugly into a BottleKeeper, not to worry. BottleKeeper comes in three sizes: 12oz Standard, 12oz Stubby and a 22oz Bomber.

But if your bottle has an odd shape, like those short and fat Red Stripes you drank in Jamaica, it’s not going to fit. See BottleKeeper’s beer directory that showcases which BottleKeeper is best for your favorite beer(s).

A Bottlekeeper helps keep beer chilled and safe from impact while being discreet.

BottleKeepers are an excellent gift for the beer drinker in your life.

BottleKeeper review: The three parts that disassembled to show how the system works (plus a bottle opener).
The three part system plus a bottle opener

How would you use a BottleKeeper?

BottleKeeper reviews: See why a Bottlekeeper is an amazing holiday gift for beer lovers.


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