7 Practicalities Of (Good) Boxed Wine

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It’s no secret that connoisseurs of wine and purchasers of two-buck-Chuck, probably both associate boxed wine with bad wine. And, that’s largely been the case for decades. However, boxed wine is making a comeback because the wines  packaged in boxes, such as organic CalNaturale, are getting better and better. Yes, certified organic grapes fill the eco-friendly Tetra Pack carton (box–for all intents and purposes).

Wine in a box can actually come in handy, if you can get over its stigma. Let’s assume you’re buying a good boxed wine, like CalNaturale, as I would go with a bottle in lieu other lower-shelf box brands.

It’s great for travel. Stop worrying about the packed bottle of red wine bursting all over your clothes. Don’t want to order wine off the room service menu? The 500ml box pours two generous glasses of wine, eliminating the guilt of abandoning the rest of a perfectly good bottle.

It’s easy for outdoor activities. The Tetra Pak weighs much less than a bottle of wine and lacks risk of breakage. Having a picnic in the park? Bring some easy to carry CalNaturale. It’s a box–you won’t feel like you’re degrading it by pouring it in plastic. But, in the case of CalNaturale, it will taste just as good as a modestly-priced bottle.

It’s eco-friendly. The Tetra Pak has half of the carbon footprint of a glass bottle and is made primarily from paper.

There’s usually more wine.  Did I mention that the CalNaturale boxes hold 250ml MORE than a standard 750ml wine bottle? CalNaturale comes in a 500ml and 1L size.

Storing a box is much easier.  Not only is the rectangular shape easy to pack away in the pantry, there’s no need to awkwardly lay the bottles flat and hope they don’t roll away.

There’s less risk of glass breakage.  There are just occasions when you’d really rather not have glass around. Perhaps you have a pool or are in an area where there’s just no safe place to set a bottle of wine. Maybe after a few drinks, you’re feeling “clumsy.” Well, knock this bad boy over without sending shards of glass all over your floor. Worst case scenario is that you forget to re-cap it, but you’ll survive.

You can keeping it on the down-low. I’m not encouraging this, but the truth is that if you’d like to have a glass of wine without alerting the universe, this is one way to do it. I know you’re all thinking this anyway. The 500 ml size is pretty compact.

CalNaturale Makes Award-Winning Cabernet Sauvignon And Chardonnay

The Cabernet Sauvignon has won multiple awards and is boxed with grapes from Paso Robles. It paired perfectly with pizza and has a little bit of spice and plum.  The 2011 Chardonnay received a silver medal at 2011 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition, is bottled from Mendocino grapes and very lightly oaked making it a good all-purpose white wine. Though I typically go for buttery Chardonnays I enjoyed this, as it’s also not too fruity. It stored well in the refrigerator with the lid screwed back on and tasted more or less the same the next day. Suggested retail price for the 500ml is $6.99 and the 1L is $12.99. That’s a bargain.

Pour this wine for your friends. I guarantee they won’t scream, “OMG, I think this is from a BOX!”

Wine drinkers just need to step out of the box (pardon the pun) to try the box. Would you try it?

*Thanks to CalNaturale for the review samples. I’m always intrigued by eco-friendly and organic wines.

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