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Add Fall Color To Your Home Or Thanksgiving Table With These Flowers

BY La Jolla Mom

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and if you are hosting family and friends, decorating your home or table might be on your mind. Flowers are a great way to add color and interest, regardless of your budget. You may choose to do it yourself with cut flowers or have arrangements professionally done. Either way, here are some cut flowers to consider during the fall season (though they may be shown here in non-fall colors, so use your imagination). These photos were taken a few weeks ago on a rainy day at Bridget’s Blooms in La Jolla. La Jollans read on, there’s a discount waiting for you.


You may recall a post I wrote last year about how easy it is to make little Chrysanthemum arrangements. These flowers are always available in the fall, from the little mums to the larger China mums. They come in a variety of colors and are long lasting, so I consider them great value for money.


Any color of red, yellow or orange will do. These are obviously always winners!


Bridget’s Blooms had gorgeous red ginger (pictured above) when I was there, which is one of my personal favorites. It’s a little expensive anywhere you buy it, relative to other choices, but a fantastic way to give an exotic look to your table. I’d try to figure out how to mix it with the birds of paradise in my yard. Bridget’s Blooms also had loads of cut orchids similar to what you see everywhere in Thailand. Stunning.


Burnt orange or deep red lilies are dramatic adds to a fall bouquet. Don’t forget to pinch off the anthers in the center so the pollen doesn’t get everywhere. Here they are in pretty pink, on the left of the photo below.

Asiatic Lilies Bridget's Blooms


Here is another flower I have great luck with. I have had success growing it in a pot, but as a cut flower it seems to keep well for a long time! How cute would it be to have these little hanging vases tied to your patio cover with orange alstroemeria (pictured) and other fall flowers scattered around? Apologies to east coasters and others, but we can pull off an outdoor Thanksgiving in Southern California (unless it’s raining). Bridget can make these adorable hanging vases for you.


Of course, we seem to always be able to get sunflowers in Southern California. And, if looking at them doesn’t make you happy, then I’m not sure what to say.

About Bridget’s Blooms

Bridget and Michael Oleata are long time La Jollans. After taking a break to start a family (they have 2 children), Bridget is back to working with flowers and Bridget’s Blooms opened last spring. During my visit, we chatted mostly about our kids while I poked around and photographed amazing flowers. It was raining that day, but it’s such a happy place with all the vibrant color around that I barely noticed the grey outside.

When Bridget’s Blooms opened, that little corner of Torrey Pines and Girard was drastically improved. They have planted a gorgeous, sustainable garden there and it looks miles better than it used to. For this, I am grateful.

It is hard to miss the quality of the flowers in the store too. They are full of color and stunning. Bridget and I actually share the same favorite flower:  Dahlias.

Stop by Bridget’s Blooms, even if it’s just for a little pick-me-up bouquet. There is always an occasion for flowers! And, you may want to ask Bridget about her special fall garland which I hear is a perfect way to dress up your home or table.

Bridget’s Blooms
1055 Torrey Pines Road
La Jolla, Ca 92037

(858) 459-0731

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