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9 Clever Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas For Kids

BY La Jolla Mom

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Whether small gifts are needed for stockings, classmates or as favors for a party, here are suggestions that will delight kids in your life during this holiday season without breaking the bank.

1.  Bike Paint Job Stickers

ebay bike stickers gift





These vibrant, durable stickers make help any bike stand out from the rest. There’s 50 stickers in a box that each have an adhesive backing. Stickers are multi-colored dots that are 1.5″ in diameter. So fun.

2. Hello Kitty bracelet

eBay Hello Kitty Bracelet Gift





Hello Kitty fans will love this cute rhinestone bracelet. And, as of this writing there are quite a few available which make make for a cute, inexpensive gift for friends and classmates. I am going to be buying several of these, definitely.

3. Electric paper airplane conversion kit

ebay paper plane conversion kit






Watch the video to see how this kit allows paper airplanes to fly for up to 30 seconds. It’s a great outdoor activity.

4. Finger Printing art set

ebay finger printing art set






We have several similar kits and my daughter loves them. They fit nicely into a tin container that’s easy to take on the road during holiday travel. This set has small ink pads allowing kids to make little critters based off of their finger prints.

5. Scratch art note cube

ebay scratch art cube gift






My daughter loves scratch art. It’s sort of like scratching off a lottery ticket. This cube comes with a stylus that scratches off the black to reveal rainbow colors beneath it. Kids can draw, write notes or you could leave them notes on it and be the coolest parent ever.

6. Magnetic Scrabble

ebay magnetic scrabble gift






While you’re busy cooking in the kitchen, let the kids play magnetic Scrabble on the refrigerator door. It’s fun and they’ll improve vocabulary while doing so. If your fridge isn’t magnetic, there are stores that have magnetic surface boards available. It might be easier to contain the tiles by using one anyway.

7.  Fingernail Friends

ebay Fingernail friends gift






They’re much easier than using finger paint and probably a cuter design than I could ever paint on my daughter’s fingernails. I regret that the adorable design is tough to see in this photo, but trust me, these are a cute idea.

8. Bike spoke beads

ebay spoke beads holiday gift






Click these beads on and off bike wheel spokes to personalize a bike even further. Combine with the bike dots above and wow, your kid will be styling!

9. Rory’s Story Cubes

ebay Rory's Story Cubes






I’ve heard nothing but great things about Rory’s Story Cubes. They encourage kids to use their imaginations to create an infinite amount of stories. The suggested age is 8, but I do know kids younger than that that enjoy them. This particular set illustrates 54 common verbs. Play in a hotel, after dinner or any time!

For more stocking stuffer suggestions, follow my Boy Stocking Stuffer and Girl Stocking Stuffer collections on eBay where I’ve been busy rounding up awesome ideas for my holiday consideration and yours. Are you on eBay? Follow me at lajollamomblog to see all of my great finds including everything from Christmas decorations to Christian Louboutin shoes. The social media hashtag is #FollowItFindIt.

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4 thoughts on “9 Clever Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas For Kids

  1. We got them when the kids were 6 and 8. My six-year-old didn’t take to them as well as my oldest, but when we did them with her, she loved it. I’d say the age recommendation is right on, but if your child is younger – or especially verbal – he/she would probably love them with some parental involvement.

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