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September Is College Savings Month and a Chance to Win

BY La Jolla Mom

In celebration of National College Savings Month, ScholarShare is hosting a month-long “Share Your Spirit” sweepstakes on their Facebook page. California parents, guardians or family members will have a chance to win a ScholarShare 529 college savings account up to $2500.

(ScholarShare is a partner of La Jolla Mom, but we’ve owned an account for a while now.)

“Share Your Spirit” Sweepstakes

Over the next few weeks, ScholarShare will pick a winner each Friday after 2:00 p.m. PT. Prizes are as follows:

  • September 5: $500 (winner has already been selected)
  • September 12: $500
  • September 19: $500
  • September 26: $2500

To enter, fill out the very short entry form. If you’d like to upload a photo of your child showing college spirit, go for it. The photo is optional though. You can enter the contest once per day.

What is National College Savings Month?

The point of National College Savings Month is to help get the word out about the importance of starting a college a college savings account early.

  • 9 in 10 parents of children under 18 think it likely their child will attend college or some higher education.*
  • 62% of parents of college-bound children are saving for education, trailing only retirement as a savings priority.*

If you think that parents who aren’t earmarking money for college simply can’t afford it, you’d be wrong. As a former financial consultant, I can tell you based on my own experience that saving for college is often not a priority because either the information is overwhelming (resulting in total procrastination), money is being spent elsewhere or parents are simply hoping there won’t be as great of a need when the time comes. Meaning, they’re hoping that their children will get scholarships, financial aid or perhaps choose a typically more affordable state school versus a private university.

But, you never know what will happen. A ScholarShare account can be opened in about 5 minutes and funded with as little as $25. Set up a monthly deposit from your checking account and you won’t miss the money. Every little bit helps.

Do some research or talk to a financial adviser to decide if ScholarShare is right for you. In the meantime, why not enter the “Share Your Spirit” Sweepstakes?

Or, visit ScholarShare to open a college savings account for your kids!

See also:

*From How America Saves for College, Sallie Mae and Gallop, 2009.
***Disclaimer: Though I was a financial adviser in a former life, this isn’t intended to be financial advice so seek counsel from your licensed financial adviser before taking action. Though some of this information applies to 529 college savings plans across the country, I am only speaking based on personal experience with ScholarShare, a plan that we personally own. Your financial situation may be different than ours. Please see the ScholarShare disclosure booklet for more details. This post is brought to you in partnership with ScholarShare.

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