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Deposit Checks Through Your Phone And Create Sub-Accounts With American Express Bluebird

BY La Jolla Mom

I’m actually surprised by how much I like this feature. As you may know, I’m testing American Express Bluebird which functions as an alternative to a standard debit card by adding on a few other banking features like automatic bill pay, ATM withdrawals, and more. The fees are minimal, if any.

By using the Android or iPhone Bluebird mobile app, you can scan and deposit checks straight into your account. It’s fun to do and sort of like scanning a QR code.  This eliminates going to the bank to deposit checks. Sometimes, I even go to the ATM to withdraw money and forget to deposit checks that are in my purse. I get money into my account faster by using this feature.

Other Ways To Deposit Cash Into Bluebird

1. Link your checking or savings account to Bluebird and transfer money. This takes approximately 5 business days, so just be prepared for that.
2. Buy a Vanilla Reload card. There’s a $3.95 fee per card with a $500 maximum, but an opportunity to earn airlines miles as I briefly discussed earlier. Log  on to the internet to load Bluebird immediately with the Vanilla Reload card. I buy them at CVS.
3. Go to Walmart and load the card at the cashier. I’ll probably never do this since I’m not a Walmart shopper (I’m just never around one), but it is an option.
4. Use a debit card. You may have a $2 fee, but if it’s a miles-earning debit card it might be worth it.

Bluebird Is Great For The Student In Your Life

This could be handy if you have a high school or college student in your life. You can add up to four sub-accounts on to your American Express Bluebird and control the money that they receive. You can:

  • Turn the ATM feature on and off.
  • Transfer money.
  • Monitor spending by receiving email alerts.
  • Set daily spending limits.

It seems strange to have American Express Bluebird as an account in addition to my normal checking or savings. However, I’m going to keep it. I’ll tell you why in my next post along with everything I like and dislike about it.

*I am a compensated reviewer of American Express Bluebird. All opinions are my own.

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