A new store arrives to San Diego’s Fashion Valley this week and your kids are going to love it.

It’s the first flagship U.S. store for Distroller, children’s company known for creating colorful, creative and fun products and experiences for children that was founded in Mexico City. Here, Distroller will introduce its brand of Neonate Babies including: Espongie, Preemies, Zygotie and Nerlie.

Distroller's line of Neonate Babies debuts at Fashion Valley in San Diego.

My daughter received a Nerlie baby with some of her accessories and she’s pretty cute. The goal of Neonate Babies is to promote fun through engagement, emotion, imagination and play where a child is empowered to create his or her own adventure. I can tell you that the way this happens is incredibly creative with thought put into every last detail.

The Story Behind Neonate Babies

As you probably know, a Neonate Baby is defined as a newborn child less than a year old. These Neonate Babies are from outer space. Apparently, during a routine flight around their planet, Neonatopia, they started to fight over who was going to fly the spaceship. This tussle spun their spaceship out of control and it crashed on Earth only to be discovered by Tania, a young nursing student who was on her way to school.

Over time, she became the expert in Neonate Baby care and determined to find parents for all of the Neonate Babies that fall to Earth. These babies now arrive to our planet via Distroller World, an adoption and medical clinic for the Neonate babies in the Fashion Valley Store. Here, kids will learn about the babies and adopt one of their own to take home. Like the Nerlie baby.

Distroller's line of Neonate Babies debuts at Fashion Valley in San Diego.

Neonate Babies require constant, special care. But, they can come back to Distroller World to meet with Nurse Tania for regularly scheduled checkups and vaccinations.

How the Adoption Process Works

  1. Your child selects the Neonate baby that he or she would like to adopt.
  2. Nurse Tania makes a call to Neonatopia to let them know which baby to send to earth
  3. The Neonate travels through a special transportation system directly to the adoption center in-store
  4. Nurse Tania removes the Neonate baby from its capsule and presents it to its new parent. The baby will then go through a medical examination including the Apgar test (appearance, pulse, grimace response, activity and respiration) that many parents surely remember, weight, height and head circumference.
  5. Nurse Tania will vaccinate the Neonate Baby and fill out a vaccination card.
  6. Your child and Nurse Tania will fill out a birth certificate with the Neonate Baby’s given name.
  7. Basic care instructions are given and the child then proceeds to the pharmacy and accessories Butik before checking out of the store.

Clever, isn’t it?

Distroller's line of Neonate Babies debuts at Fashion Valley in San Diego.

My daughter’s Nerlie was sent to us with a chicken pox vaccine, in case she gets itchy, some accessories and an orthodontia kit complete with headgear. How cute is this?

Distroller’s Fashion Valley Opening

Distroller's line of Neonate Babies debuts at Fashion Valley in San Diego.

You and the kids are invited to unlock a world of imagination and FREE surprise giveaways, hangout with Nurse Tania and the rest of the gang, while experiencing the Distroller Clinic adoption process.

Date: Thursday, May 4, 2017
Time: 5:00 p.m.–7:00 p.m.
Place: Fashion Valley Mall (Level 2, between Macy’s and JC Penney)

In connection to its grand opening, Distroller has partnered with San Diego nonprofit Miracle Babies, dedicated to providing financial assistance and supportive services to families with hospitalized newborns. Distroller will be accepting in-store donations, with proceeds to benefit Miracle Babies. In addition, Distroller has partnered with After School All-Stars and ArtReach San Diego to empower children and give them the opportunity to support a charity of their choice.

If you can’t make it to the grand opening, be sure to stop into this new store the next time you’re at Fashion Valley!

Have you heard of Distroller’s Neonate Babies?

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  1. How much will they cost. Simple adoption of one baby with no accessories? Then how much do accessories run? Tha ks

  2. My daughter can’t wait to come to your store in Aug. is there a way for me to order neonate babies online.

    1. You have to adopt them at the store as of now but I think they are working on an online ordering system. The price depends on which one you adopt!

  3. My granddaughter wants one of those little neonates so bad! I think she wants, Susie, the one that likes chocolate! Please let me know where it can be ordered online

  4. Is this mall in SanDiego the only place to buy one of these? I am finding them on ebay, but they are crazy expencive! Wat stores can we find them at?

  5. Where can you buy these? My daughter wants one and I can’t find them online or even a store that sells them ?

  6. Really want One and accessories can some one tell me how and where and how much they are and their accessories

  7. Really need to open the online store already. How long does it take to get a website these days? I can’t exactly get on a plane from Florida to come to your store and I want to buy your toys. Take my money LOL 🙂

  8. My sister’s granddaughter in England wants a Distroller Neo Nat Doll; can they be ordered online, and if you don’t ship world wide, I will order one and send it to her. Thank you.