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Eat This: Tableside Peeps S’mores At The Duck Dive

Peeps, the marshmallow treat that’s ever so popular during Easter, have already hit the stores. Chef Ryan at the Duck Dive in San Diego’s Pacific Beach neighborhood, is using this Easter favorite in a different way to compliment the restaurant’s gastropub-inspired, contemporary American cuisine menu.

Tableside s’mores are on the menu year round at the Duck Dive. But, in celebration of Easter, it isn’t just your average marshmallow that’s being stuck in the middle of chocolate and graham crackers. You guessed it… Peeps!

Available during April only, these s’mores are sure to be quite peep-ular (get it?) with restaurant goers both old and young. The Duck Dive is a family-friendly place to eat during daylight hours.

Can’t make it to the Duck Dive? Peep s’mores are super easy to make at home too!

peeps s'mores
The Duck Dive
4650 Mission Blvd
San Diego, CA 92109

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