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Coping With Early Onset Dementia

BY La Jolla Mom

One of the unexpected perks of visiting the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library with my daughter was it showed her that very important people can lose their memories. President Reagan was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease late in his life but many are not—it can strike in your 40s, even.

My dad was one of those people diagnosed with early onset dementia that may or may not be technically Alzheimer’s Disease. It doesn’t matter, you can lean on the Alzheimer’s Association of San Diego (and other counties) 24 hours a day if you are coping with a family member who has any dementia or seek out resources for yourself.

I owe them for hours and hours of therapy, leading up to this moment. I hope you lean on them too, if you need to. It’s a terribly taxing terminal disease on the patient and family.

Please pardon the silence while I recover.

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