Have The Easter Bunny Bring You This From The Mandarin Cake Shop

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I am already emotionally attached to the Mandarin Cake Shop. When we lived in Hong Kong, it was my go-to place for desserts. The cake is out of this world, as are the chocolates and jams. One thing I miss about Central Hong Kong is the extreme attention to detail everywhere I turn. The Mandarin Cake Shop is no exception.

We woke up a bit jet-lagged and went downstairs to Cafe Causette for breakfast, which is right next door to the Mandarin Cake Shop. It was full of elaborate Easter chocolate sculptures. The one in the above post photo is enormous. The detail on the egg below, is amazing.

The photo doesn’t do the details justice.

This is quite possibly the most beautiful cake I’ve ever seen. Sugared rose petals and pretty pink frosting. Stunning simplicity.

Most importantly, the Mandarin Cake Shop is where La Jolla Girl’s 1st birthday cake came from.

All she wanted to eat was cheese at the time, so I ordered the American Cheesecake. It was one of the best cheesecakes I’ve ever had. The Mandarin Cake Shop is a must-stop for dessert lovers. And, if you stay at the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong, you may find some of these chocolates in your room!

(See also the amazing Mandarin Cake Shop cakes I photographed during our 2012 visit. Just gorgeous.)

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