I know. Between spider crackers and spider Oreos, I’ve gone overboard on the spiders for Halloween theme. But, I saw the Hostess donut section in our local Albertson’s and thought that since we had a plethora of pretzels in the house, I’d make this another after-school project. This a very easy kids recipe.

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Your supplies are simply crumb donuts, candy eyeballs, pretzels and perhaps peanut butter or some sort of sticky edible substance that can bond the eyeballs to the donuts.

Spider Donut Pops Recipe

Stick the legs in the donut, pop eyeballs on using peanut butter and you’re done. They are super cute on lollipop sticks if you happen to have them.

Spider donut pop Halloween Kids Dessert

Kids Recipe: Easy Donut Spider Pops

Kids Recipe: Easy Donut Spider Pops


  • mini crumb donuts
  • pretzel sticks
  • Wilton candy eyeballs or dried fruit
  • peanut butter or other bonding substance
  • lollipop sticks


  1. Put the donut on a lollipop stick so that the hole in the center of the donut looks like a mouth.
  2. Insert pretzel spider legs. Don't place them too close together, otherwise the donut will de-stabilize and they'll fall off.
  3. Put a small dab of peanut butter on the back of the eyeballs and secure them to the donut.
  4. Tips: break the pretzels in half if you want smaller spiders or if you're running low on pretzels. Also, don't assemble too far in advance as the donuts will dry out. Or, store them in an airtight container.

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  1. That looks so good! The dohnauts look like they just came out of the frier, and even better due to the Candy corn: