In partnership with goodnessknows. Yogurt parfaits are one of the first things I taught my daughter to make herself. They’ve been a staple snack or breakfast recipe in our house for years.

They’re simple to make and we love that yogurt parfait recipes can be modified to fit bowl size and appetite.

Yogurt parfaits benefit from a little crunch. For this, we often turn to our always overflowing arsenal of snack bars, like goodnessknows. This is because I rarely have granola in the house. There are four squares in a bar and I use two squares for parfaits (though you can obviously use more).

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goodnessknows snack bars about to be added to a yogurt parfait.

Here’s how to make it. I grab a small juice glass and add a spoonful of yogurt. We prefer Greek yogurt for extra protein and because its thicker consistency is more conducive to layers.

My daughter prefers vanilla Greek yogurt while I prefer plain, especially if the fruit or snack bar is sweet.

Next, add in a generous layer of a favorite fruit. Thawed frozen fruit will typically yield a little juice to mix around in the yogurt base, if that’s your thing. We usually opt for fresh berries, apples and/or bananas.

Make sure the fruit layer is generous in a yogurt parfait recipe.

Apples provide a nice crunch in the yogurt. The reason why the layer needs to be generous is that fruit will eventually slip into the yogurt. And, I’m not a fan of digging around for it. If using a sweetened yogurt, less is more anyway.

Use generous layers of fruit in your yogurt parfait.

On top of the fruit, add one snack square and another dollop of yogurt. Then, add more fruit until the cup or bowl is full to your liking.

Leave a little room at the top to heap on another chopped goodnessknows snack square. The squares also serve as good dipping devices when left whole.

Really tasty!

A finished Greek yogurt parfait with fresh fruit and goodnessknows squares.

As an aside, we travel quite a bit and I hesitate to order yogurt parfaits in hotels. I am never sure how healthy they are when I’m not in control of the ingredients. Granolas, while packed with antioxidants, can have a lot of hidden sugar and fat.

The snack bars I buy, do not. The other benefit to using snack bars in a recipe like this is that portion size is controlled. There is no need to hassle with measuring cups or guesstimate.

So, no granola? No problem. Just use a snack bar like goodnessknows.

Recipe: Easy Greek Yogurt Parfait Snack

Recipe: Easy Greek Yogurt Parfait Snack

This recipe is totally customizable to suit taste, appetite and size of cup or bowl!


  • fresh fruit (handful of berries and/or one apple)
  • Greek yogurt
  • 1 goodnessknows snack bar (has 4 squares inside)


  1. Add a dollop of Greek yogurt to a cup or bowl.
  2. Add a generous layer of fruit
  3. Add one goodnessknows snack square.
  4. Repeat layers as desired.

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