This post is written in partnership with Mirum Shopper. Summer may be behind us but this doesn’t mean that ice cream season is over.

In fact, in our house, ice cream is a year-round staple. It’s easy to have around for last-minute playdates and a treat that is loved universally.

The tweens in my life now like to make stuff. So, I wanted to figure out a way to up their ice cream game.

It occurred to me that I could buy a handful of ingredients for them to assemble ice cream sandwiches at leisure. It’s not a unique idea by any means, but it is always a hit. And, everything you need can be store-bought.

Make an easy ice cream sandwich in a few minutes with 2-3 store-bought ingredients.

Breyers Ice Cream or Gelato

The reason why Breyers works well for ice cream sandwiches is that is so creamy that we don’t need to let it thaw much before scooping.

It’s mostly a grab-and-go situation. They also make my favorite vanilla and chocolate chip ice cream. I only recently found out that they make gelato, too.

A Top and a Bottom

My Instagram feed proves that basically anything can serve as the top and/or bottom of an ice cream sandwich. I highly recommend using mini glazed donuts.

Make mini donut ice cream sandwiches.

The texture of the donut meshes well with the ice cream and I like that they’re a bit more bite-sized.

Leftover Girl Scout Cookies make excellent ice cream sandwiches.

We also tried soft chocolate and peanut butter cookies and also found a box of everyone’s favorite Girl Scout cookies hiding in the freezer.

Soft chocolate chip cookies from the bakery section of the grocery store also work really well for this ice cream sandwich recipe.

You basically can use whatever cookies, brownies or donuts you have around the house. We’ve even tasted muffin top ice cream sandwiches!

Sprinkles (Optional)

While, of course, an ice cream sandwich is pretty epic without sprinkles, its even better with them.

Chocolate chips and/or nuts will do, too. Put them on a plate and let people roll their ice cream sandwiches in them.

It takes only three ingredients and maybe 5 minutes to assemble some awesome ice cream sandwiches.

Ice Cream Sandwich Directions

Lay everything out. Let the kids assemble the ice cream sandwiches for immediate consumption. That’s it.

What is your family’s favorite way to eat ice cream?

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