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Recipe: Easy Mascarpone Frosting

BY La Jolla Mom

This easy mascarpone frosting recipe is a slightly altered version of a few that I’ve used in the past. I think it’s got the right sweetness and is absolutely delicious. I use this frosting on carrot or banana cakes and cupcakes, but obviously the choice is yours!

Mascarpone Frosting Recipe

1 pound mascarpone cheese

1 cup sifted powdered sugar

1 1/4 cup heavy cream

With an electric mixer, beat all ingredients on medium/high for about 2 minutes or until medium peaks form (don’t over beat). If you want a creamier look or a less-dense taste, you could go with medium soft peaks.

That’s it. So easy!

I would recommend that you mix everything for about 30 seconds and then taste.  If not sweet enough for you, add more sugar. Then finish beating to medium peaks.

Mascarpone frosting, in my experience, is typically too soft if you’re looking to do fancy piped cake decorations other than a simple border.  I’d frost the cake (liberally) with this frosting and then use a regular decorators frosting for any piping you might do. It has a consistency of thick whipping cream, if that helps. You can do the thick piped swirls shown above, but not to far ahead of time.

This is best used fresh, however, I have refrigerated it for 24 hours and it’s been fine. Any longer than that in the fridge will cause it to separate. This will generously frost a 9 inch layer cake.

*Photo credit: istockphoto/coldcoffee

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