In partnership with Tropicana. This tasty watermelon mimosa recipe couldn’t be easier as it involves only two ingredients plus an optional garnish.

It’s something that you can drum up on the fly for unexpected guests; it takes just minutes to prepare! The drink part doesn’t involve perishable ingredients. And, it tastes like something you might order in a fancy brunch setting.

But who says mimosas are only for brunch? These days, I keep chilled champagne or cava bottles (yes, plural) in the refrigerator at all times. Bubbles are the drink du jour among my friends and corks tend to pop at random times.

This easy watermelon mimosa recipe features Tropicana Watermelon.

The watermelon portion is Tropicana Watermelon Premium Drink. Tropicana Premium Drinks do not have artificial sweeteners or artificial flavors.

Watermelon drinks are incredibly popular in Hong Kong, where we used to live, and I’ve always wondered why more options aren’t available over here. Trust me, I’ve been looking, and this is one of the only I’ve seen to date.

If you’ve ever tried to make watermelon juice at home, you know how labor-intensive it is. Now you don’t have to. And, you can have this drink on-hand even when watermelons are out of season.

This easy watermelon mimosa recipe only involves two ingredients plus an optional garnish!

Making the drink is quite simple and can be customized according to taste. I filled glasses about 3/4 full with sparkling wine or champagne and add Tropicana Watermelon until the glass filled to a useable level. That’s 3 parts champagne to 1 part of juice.

Tropicana Watermelon is bright pink but it will turn a pretty pale pink/peach when added to the champagne.

For garnishes, use what you like or nothing at all really. I personally have become a big fan of garnishes lately so have a little stash of picks that I use to top glasses with.

Here, I used what was in my refrigerator. We happened to have a little mint and some blackberries so that’s what I offered. However, the blackberries proved superior because they’re fun to swirl around in the glass when popped on to the end of a stick. I also think a wedge or circle of lime would be fantastic.

Easy Watermelon Mimosa Recipe – #MixedWithTrop

An easy watermelon mimosa recipe that takes just minutes to make.


  • 1 part Tropicana Watermelon premium drink
  • 3 parts champagne or sparkling wine
  • Garnish (optional)


  1. Pour 3 parts champagne or sparkling wine into the glass of your choice.
  2. Pour 1 part Tropicana Watermelon premium drink.
  3. Garnish and you're done.
An easy watermelon mimosa recipe that involves two ingredients plus an optional garnish.

I am all in favor of drinks that can be made on the fly. Plus, while I love traditional mimosas made with orange juice, I like that I can offer a not-as-common choice.

Frankly, if you don’t have champagne, I might also suggest mixing Tropicana Watermelon with vodka and a cup of ice. But, this drink is also pretty good on its own.

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